30 September 2011

What ARE our options here mom?

Abbey has a biting problem. Gideon is her usual target.

Today she bit him because she wanted him to get off her blankie.

Gideon through his tears asked me, "Can we give her to somebody else?"


while the big brothers were with mom at kick-boxing, Josiah was teaching the little brothers how high-society works. he lifted his pinkey up while he took a drink and he said, "this is how the fancy people drink. joe didn't realize that he had made a mess until gideon replied very seriously, "and fancy people spill their drink like that too."

29 September 2011

Garden Delights

I made a vegetable stew this morning in my crockpot. Later I realized that all but one of the vegetables were from our garden. Tomatoes, corn, peas, green beans, carrots, and green peppers. I put potatoes in also which picked at the potato farm down the road, so those only half count.  : ) I hope its good!

Elijah got a general elk tag and plans to go hunting. I think some chunky elk meat in our veggie stew would be yummmmy!

24 September 2011


one of the kids asked me what a doodad is on the side of my laptop and i said it was a thumprint scanner. now gideon, who must have misheard, is constantly calling it a pumpkin scanner.

21 September 2011


Pro's and cons for homeschooling. Pro - Your kid can work at his own pace. Con - You might have to buy more hundred dollar books before the year is out.

Getting dressed

Silas walked up the stairs for night church and I saw that his shirt was inside out.  It was collared complete with the collar turned down backwards.  Cheryl Miles was walking up next to me and we chuckled about it, they she noticed that Matt's T-shirt was also inside out and we had an even bigger laugh.

The funniest part came during the service when Matt started giggling and pointed out Si's inside out shirt and I got to say "so is yours!" and he looked at it and I was right. HaHa!

19 September 2011

Miss Kissedy

That is Abbey's nickname.

We went to Matt's 20!! year reunion. By far he was the most handsome, youngest, smartest, responsible, kindest man there. The following day there was a picnic where families were invited.

Abbey was in a friendly mood and decided to make friends with some girls. They were maybe ages 4 and 5 and in the grass playing a patty cake type game.  I was maybe 50 ft from her but I could hear her clear as a bell walk up to those girls and ask, "Do you want to box?"

Also she bites.

13 September 2011


Luke had drunk a glass of water and came to me with this gem, "Mom, I think the water went down the wrong lane."

08 September 2011

Typical "Injuries"

Gideon : "Mom, I'm hurt." (crying, groaning, hugging mom)

Mom: "Where do you hurt?"

Gid: "(sniff) I don't know."

Mom: "ok."

Gid: "I need an ice pack."

Mom: "What would you put it on?"

Gid: "Where it hurts."

Mom: "Well where does it hurt?"

Gid: "I don't know." (Crying is over and he is confused at why I don't understand.)

Mom: "no ice pack, go lay down"

Gid lays down. One minute later: "I'm ok now."

06 September 2011

oh sam 2

Sam just asked me where he might find a quiet place in the house so he could do his artwork in peace. 


05 September 2011

oh Sam

Sam was reading the back of our Tillamook Chedder Cheese and we had this conversation:

Sam,"Mom! There isn't any rennet in this cheese."

Mom, "What is rennet?"

Sam, "Part of a cows stomach lining."

Mom, "oh. Where did you hear about rennet?"

Sam, "Little House in the Big Woods. Rennet can get hard and crusty if the calf doesn't eat anything other than it's mother's milk.  At least that is what I think."

Sam, "I wonder how they make cheese without any rennet."

(He just yelled at me for spelling rennet wrong and pointed out a problem with my punctuation.)

Also Gideon on how to make pot pie.

You get a chicken and it pops. "Chicken pop pie!"