23 April 2017


Okay Boyd update. Matt has enjoyed his employment at the State of Wyoming but felt God leading him to a new position. A few weeks ago he accepted a job in Laramie, Wyoming. He starts on Tuesday. We are putting our California house on the market and eventually our Lagrange house on the market and the rest of the family will transition to Laramie when we find a place there. In the meantime Matt has an apartment and will be home on weekends. Elijah is going to go with him the first week to check out Laramie. So that is the update. ; ) Today we were discussing what to send with Matt and Elijah and decided they would take the coffee pot. Luke overheard the plan and asked with a voice of concern, "Wait. What is mom going to do without a coffee pot?" I answered, "I'll use the teapot." Luke responded with, "I'm not sure I want to live with ..." Then he stopped his sentence because he thought it would be insulting but the truth is DOES ANYONE want to live with a mom who doesn't have coffee!!!???