28 September 2007

27 September 2007

26 September 2007

"my foot hoots"

Luke jumped off a bench because he wanted to see the inside of a hospital

Luke cries as the technician places his foot for the x-ray

The technician said Luke was abnormally brave and still for the camera

Whew! No broken bones

23 September 2007

Time to go to Work

Titus refuses to wear pants when he goes to work. At least he should wipe the peanut butter & jelly off his face.

Momma in the background has just finished reading the entire internet

19 September 2007

The history of Little Bear

Josiah had storybook ringlets

Josiah grew fangs before his front teeth came in.

Josiah with Grammy

Josiah is so proud of his "Big Boy" hair cut. I still want him to grow the curls again. He refuses.

Cowboy Joe visits Ma and Pa in Sunday School

Daddy day at work

First dentist visit with Dr. Bean.

Josiah wanted everything to be red for his 5th birthday party

Josiah lost his first tooth when a "punch my hand" malfunction resulted in a punch in the mouth from Elijah.

17 September 2007

Yearbook picture day

Titus (17m), Robin (nice try), Silas (4), Luke (2.9), Elijah (9), Matthew (ancient), Samuel (7), Josiah (6)

16 September 2007

Mommy Devos

Robin Leads the boys in a morning Bible Story

Certainly each of these boys are perfect and don't even need to hear anything from the Bible.

11 September 2007

Normal Day

Fezzik guards Sickee Silas

Elijah looks elated to write a poem about the Revolutionary War

Joe's been workin on the railroad

Samuel takes Transformers very seriously

Titus wakes up happy, as usual

And as usual, Lukey is always last to wake up

10 September 2007

Memory Lane

These Pics are from the Ferguson house in 2003.

Josiah (2), Samuel (4), Elijah (5)

Hey, what kind of cheap parents would send their kids out for Halloween trick-or-treating in their pajamas?

Wow, look how cool my big brother is!

Every time Elijah put both hands up for the "Superman Pose," he would fall off, so he had to just have half a superman.

09 September 2007

Peyton Play Day

Titus, Silas, Peyton, Luke

Silas, Peyton, Josiah, Luke, Fezzik

Cute little Robin @ 9 months

X-treme Titus

Ready for the black diamond.

Look how far mom can stick her finger into Titus' ear.

08 September 2007

Josiah's 6th bday

Elijah (9), Josiah (6), Titus (17m), Silas (4), Samuel (7), Luke (2)