29 August 2011

For the Hornoks and the Zanders: Silly Dreams

Joe had some bad stomach cramps last night. As I sat with him and listened to him writhe and groan in pain I thought it reminded me of labor.  The cramps went away and I went back to sleep.

I dreamed my friends the Hornoks decided to have an unassisted home birth.  They went camping and Rylee was having her baby in the woods.  Her husband was delivering the baby.  Her contractions eased up and I told Nathan I thought labor had stopped.  The Zanders showed up and Nathan handed Heather Zander a syringe with pitocin in it and Heather gave Rylee a shot in the armpit.  I woke up before Rylee had the baby.

However, Rylee had the baby in real life 2 weeks ago so I wasn't left hanging.  I do think Heather needs to learn where to give a shot though.

Joe feels much better this morning.

Abbey and her babies

Girls with 7 brothers that have dolls don't know what to do with them.

When Abbey got a new doll last week she socked it in the face on her way to the candy that came with it.

I've been really encouraged with her mothering lately as she has been carrying her dolls around.

I was cleaning the bathroom this morning and I asked her if she would like to give her babies a bath.  She got really excited and picked them up and walked toward the bathtub.  She stopped at the toilet, lifted the lid and proceeded to try and "bath" a baby in the toilet. Aggghhh!

Maybe the girl thing with come with time?

Sayings XXXXV

Luke pointed to our cat that just had a kitten and asked, "Is that a boy or a girl cat?"

27 August 2011

sayings: this little piggie

i overheard gideon doing "this little piggie" with abbie sister. this is what i heard:

this little toe went to the market
this little toe ate roastbeef and birds
this little toe ate monkeys
this little toe ate flowers
and this little monkey went wee wee wee all the way home.

21 August 2011

18 August 2011


samuel boyd just bought 5 shares of GE for $76.

11 August 2011

growing up in a big family

We usually buy these monster brown bags of salt at Sam's club.  I think they are 25lbs or so. We use those to fill up our smaller salt shakers.

We were running low and I went to Albertsons or somewhere and bought some salt.

This morning I was filling up the shaker with the salt from Albertson's and Luke exclaimed, "WHAT IS THAT THING?"

He had never seen the cylindrical Morton's container before.  Weird. 

One day he will realize most families also do not buy 2 gallon containers of mayo, drums of cooking oil, 50lb bags of flour, gallon jars of relish, and 5 gallon tubs of honey.   : )

sayings xoxo

Luke came to me this morning hobbling.

"mom, my toe. I have a cankernail."

Abbey is talking more every day.

Yesterday Ben was watching a youtube video and she said clear as a bell, "Wow that's a big movie."

09 August 2011


Elijah Sam Joe and I just passed a hunter safety course.  We are now inexperienced licensed hunters.  Please use extreme caution while in the field.

We went to do some target practice today.  Each boy had great muzzle control and gun safety techniques.  We hit some skeets!!! and made some bullseyes.

Great job.  BTW, there will be no hunting unless someone experienced (obviously not me) takes them out. : )

However, I will volunteer to gut and package the meat.


i saw an article today about the benefits of children.

The 10 hidden benefits of having children.

I love my children.  They are fun. They make life good. They are cute and cuddly and write on my pretty couch with sharpie. I really don't care that much about my couch.  I love my children.

They are a benefit. They are wonderful.

Thank you God for my children.

Sayings xixixix

I was reading the news online this morning and Joe was across the room reading headlines

"WHOA!" he said, "Rodents have taken over London? Do the cops carry bug spray?"

The headline was "Rioters have taken over London." but from across the room it looked like rodents. : )

08 August 2011


After a day of watching superhero videos, Gideon asked me, "Dad, can Christmas-Man fly?"

07 August 2011

Where kittens come from.

Luke was explaining to his friend that we have a new baby kitten.

He told the girl, "We have a new baby kitten and its from a cat."

06 August 2011


Matt and I sent all the kids outside so we could have some quiet.  After about 10 minutes Sam knocks on the door.  I open it and he says, "Mom we have a BIG problem." Usually the gravity of that statement means either someone is into a chemical or a pipe is gushing water or the roof has blown off the garage.

I prepared myself.

"What's the problem?" i asked.

"GOATHEADS!  They are everywhere."  He opens his arms and shows me a bunch of weeds.

Whew! False alarm.

04 August 2011

mom jeans?

I was wearing my normal walmart jeans and a green short sleeve v neck tshirt.  I thought I looked fine. I decided to change clothes as someone had barfed near me multiple times that morning and there could have been splatter and I was going to a class that night.

I put on a different pair of jeans that my sister gave me.  (had to sew shut the zipper as it didn't work and I certainly don't know how to put on a new zipper). I put on a blue striped walmart long sleeved button up shirt that had been at the bottom of my drawer since winter. The classroom is airconditioned and I freeze in there.  I rolled up the sleeves and thought to put on my trusty crocs.  This was no fashion show.  I changed my mind at the last minute on the crocs and decided to go with flip flops although my teacher said they were inappropriate for "field day". I figured, its not field day I'm still ok.

I walked out of the room and Elijah, Sam and Joe's jaws dropped. Josiah said, "WHOA!" I stopped. Problem?

Elijah, "Your dressed! THANK YOU!"
Joe, "You look awesome!"
Sam, "Very nice mom, where are you going?"

mom, "um yes I got redressed, hunter safety with you."

They all tried to explain how I finally had their fashion approval.

Apparently I stumbled upon the approved dress code.

The trick? Kelly's jeans with a broken zipper, a 3 year old cotton Walmart shirt, and dollar store flipflops.