30 January 2009

Riddle me this...

Can anyone explain to me what was going through Josiah's head when he decided to cut up his sheets with scissors?

27 January 2009

8 cords of wood

This previous post showed the large rounds of wood that had been piled at our house for a while. The Boyd family worked 2 full days, wielding log splitters, chainsaws and various other dangerous implements. Some of the rounds were 4.5 feet in diameter. We had to use a 6 foot wrecking bar to inch the rounds onto the splitter.

Did we mention that 8 cords is 16 truckloads of wood -- all piled in front of our house. The Lord provides.

Luke and Silas carry the split wood to the wood pile.

Gideon is such a big help around the log splitter.

BEHOLD! Samuel, the king of the wood pile.

Josiah sports the latest fashion

What a cutie!