21 September 2008

19 September 2008

Elijah's Interest

Elijah is interested in electronics. Here he is working on his circuit board making something. Don't ask me what but it buzzed and "toned".

07 September 2008

ER visit

On Matt's way home through Middletown last Thursday, a fire engine pulled out in front of him. He followed the engine all the way into our driveway.

Elijah had slid in a mudhole that Sam and Joe had made. This was about 5 minutes after I took those pictures of them in the mud. Sam and Joe must have unearthed a large nail in their digging. Elijah's foot slid right down onto the nail. It went through his foot and was pushing up the skin on the other side.

I counted 8 firemen and 4 trucks. They were very nice to wrap it up and we were seen first at Redbud. We were actually in and out of the ER in 45 minutes. That has to be a record.

He is doing great now with just a small cut still visible. He even ice skated on Thursday.