27 August 2009

Opens Prison Doors.....


"The time has come. The time is now. Matthew E. Boyd will you please go now!

I said Go and Go I meant. The time had come so Matthew went."

God is moving us to Wyoming. Matt accepted a job with the Wyoming State Government. He will work in the department of corrections as a Technology Specialist. This is a new prison set to open in early 2010. It will be a big network with 400 employees and he will be managing two other IT guys. This is in Torrington where he went to High School and just 30 minutes from Frontier School of the Bible where we met. His parents and aunt, Princess Margarette, still live there and my sister lives about 2-3 hours away. Also our dog Fezzik was born there. So there is some history.

It hasn’t been easy. Matt’s prayer has been, “God open just one door, just one door for me to go through”. He didn’t want to have to choose between being in the ministry or not, or living by family or not, or choosing for better pay or not. He wanted God to show him exactly where God wanted us to be.

They offered him the job yesterday and wanted him to start today. He asked for two weeks and they gave us that. So we are headed out in just a week or so. We plan to rent since our house here is “underwater” and we need to rent it or something. Housing prices in Torrington haven’t fallen and it is actually about the same price for housing there as it is here.

I was told there was a rental shortage because of all the hiring the prison was doing. They weren’t kidding. I called my good friend Shelly, a real estate agent who sold us a house in Torrington about 8 years ago (we since sold it to Matt’s parents). When I told her I was looking for a rental she said, “oh no, there is nothing. I mean nothing in the entire area. I’ve been turning people away. Maybe if you go to Scottsbluff…. No nothing there either….Actually…. I do have one place…. This will never do….oh isn’t it ironic…. Oh it will never do. Your old house! the renter just got kicked out last week, the house that Matt’s parents own. But this will never do its 820 sq. ft….”

I told her “We’ll take it.” She just laughed. Matt called his dad. Would they be willing to rent us their little tiny house with all our kids? Yes they would be happy to.

So we plan to rent the house we sold to Matt’s parents 5 years ago. It is two bedrooms, big yard, no garage, outside of town, half fenced. The kitchen is also home to the hot water heater and washer and dryer. Apartment sized stove. The good thing is rent is $425 per month. I imagine heating a house with 800sq ft isn’t too bad. Plus when we owned it we put in new double paned windows so that should help.

So now we have the job of shrinking our stuff. Lets’s see 2500sq ft house into 800sq ft, plus Matt’s tools…. The bikes, since we don’t have a garage….. Hmm obviously we need to do some stuff paring - Make that stuff chain sawing or stuff bulldozing.

Also we need to be driving out of here in a little over a week. Matt is planning on working his last two half weeks. The whole house needs to be packed, we need to get our house rented, get rid of a car or two, and say good bye to a bunch of people we love, homeschool, quit my side bookkeeping job, do the utility shut off, turn on, bank account, drivers license stuff and celebrate Elijah and Josiah’s birthdays. Did I mention Matt is in the middle of a college course for his Masters degree? Yes. so he will also need to keep up with that online.

So spiritually my thoughts have been about Mary. Mary left her home and traveled – on foot probably – to Bethlehem when she was farther along in her pregnancy that I am. And she gave birth in a stable, without a doctor or midwife. I will have the luxury, Lord willing, of an air conditioned hospital with competent help. My children will not be in a stable, but in a house with a roof over their head and a Nana or Aunt Kelly to watch them.

I have thought about people in 3rd world countries who live in a one bedroom house with 12 children and no running water. I have thought about the men who can’t feed their families and would give anything to have a job.

I’ve thought about my friends who live thousands of miles from their families and had to move to new places where they don’t know anybody.

And I’m thankful. I’m thankful for a God that I can trust when things don’t seem fair or make sense. I’m thankful for a God who teaches me thankfulness. I’m thankful for a God who puts things into perspective. I’m thankful.

Do I know how all of this is going to work out? I have no idea. But my Lord does. And in Him I trust.

I love you all and appreciate all your prayers.