31 December 2009

Playdoh Tools

I'm letting the boys play with playdoh right now and Titus just asked me if he could use the rollercoaster. That meant the rolling pin.

30 December 2009

I'm looking younger every day.

I bought one of those cloth headband things. I'm trying to not get "fashion stuck" in the 90's. I no longer have Jen Saunders to rescue me from wearing something embarrassingly out of date so I'm having to go it alone. Not good not good at all.

I went shopping yesterday to Ross and Walmart. I ran into my Pastors teenage daughters they were so awesome to help me pick out appropriate items. Then I ran into another friend and her teenage kids who encouraged me to try a new style of pants. New meaning this century probably.

So Luke told me this morning I looked like Kelsey. Kelsey is our 14 year old friend and neighbor. That's a little on the young side for me, I was hoping to just look maybe my age or a few years younger. But I'll take it! Kelsey is a mature 14, and lovely too.

29 December 2009

Smart Shoppers.

Matt and I went shopping at Sam's club. We left the boys with Nana so it was like a real date.

We were in the dog food aisle looking for "the good stuff" for Fezzik. One of the bags was half the price of all the other dog food. Wow! $13 for a 50lb bag. That will last 3 months. Not bad. Matt was skeptical. Why is only one bag 13 dollars and the rest are 25 or higher? I explained it to him. This bag is mostly ash and grass, but they wouldn't sell it to dogs if it wasn't approved by some organization. The other bags are actually meatish products. Fezzik will love it, plus remember its half the price. So we bought it.

When we got home I saw the picture on the front. Its horse feed.

27 December 2009


I noticed this morning that the area we keep our plates and bowls in was all messy. Plates were upside down and bowls were all over.

I asked the children, “Who put these away like this?”

Luke piped up and I quote, “I did it yesterday when I was mad because I didn’t want to put the dishes away. I thought I could get away with it but I didn’t.”

As he put the dishes away correctly, I asked him who always sees him, even when I don’t. He replied, “God.” “And who will teach you if I don’t?” I continued. “God” he replied, “Yea. I’ll probably get a disease or somethin.”

Fezzik and his girl

Fezzik is a little protective of Abbey. If she is laying on the floor and the boys are being wild, he will lay down right next to her. I think he is shielding her from their running and jumping. Or maybe he is waiting for her to spit up so he can eat it.

26 December 2009

half the mess

I know you all think my house is never messy. :)We got about 12 big bags of hand me downs, so it was time to sort through them.

I had just started the job when some friends came over. I left the children - trusting them - to bring in our clothing organization system. That means bring in 12 boxes full of clothes from the garage. Each box is organized by size, type, labeled and the clothes are folded. I told the boys, just put the boxes in the kitchen. Half way through the job I went to check on their work. This is what I found.

There were still 6 boxes in the garage and 12 BAGS to sort through in the living room. Because I had company, I wasn't able to stop the madness. All the other boxes got dumped as well. I wish I had taken a picture of the whole thing. This was a job that was over my head. It took two days to get it under control.

25 December 2009

He found something!

Matt is notorious for not being able to find things. But on this particular day, he succeeded in finding the vanilla. We are so proud.

How handsome!

23 December 2009

I'm domestic!

My Crocheting Project.

This is as far as I got. But still. I deserve a trophy.

22 December 2009

Embarassing Moments

I took a nap on the couch today with Titus. Luke and Silas played on the floor with megablocks. In my deep sleep, I could hear someone knock and Silas and Luke open the door and invite the person in. In my dream state I was trying to talk, but my voice wouldn’t work and I couldn’t open my eyes. To my dream state horror, the neighbor actually came in and I still couldn’t make myself wake up. The neighbor saw me on the couch and said she would come back later.
After she went back out I was finally able to open my eyes and sit up. Of course then Silas and Luke had to run back out and yell “she’s awake she’s awake.” Ah. So back in came my neighbor to a groggy, messy haired and blind (couldn’t find my glasses attached to my shirt) Robin. The neighbor was very gracious.

21 December 2009

I'm a big boy

Titus said to me yesterday, “mom when I was a little boy I couldn’t read at all. Now, I can read all these words.” His book was upside down.

18 December 2009

the thermometer went flying!

Today Titus came to me and said,

"Mom I just tried to give Gideon a soft blanket and he throwd a temperature about it."

I think he meant "threw a temper tantrum." : )

14 December 2009

13 December 2009


What's this Gideon?

I don't know momma.

I'm a sweet boy.

It is a whole bunch of wheat seeds in our 50lb bag of sugar, Gideon. I think you did it.

Me?! no. see how nice I am?

Well, what if I did?

Did you Gideon?


I'm trying to remember...


Uh Oh.

Thank you Joe!

It worked quite nicely. And no. Giddybug didn't get spanked.

12 December 2009

Fezzik is polite.

That looks tasty...

I'll wait until you are done, and just eat your leftovers.

09 December 2009

Beans Beans....

God provided us with all these dry beans. Now to find some bean recipes... post your favorites!

07 December 2009

Rubbing shoulders

We went to a Christmas Concert and hamburger feed tonight. Elijah sat at a table by himself, until he was joined by the warden, and then the mayor. He was right in between them. He enjoyed sitting at the power table. He felt quite comfortable there.

I don't think she gets much attention.

05 December 2009

I'm no Rachel Ray

My cooking self esteem took 2 hits yesterday.

Josiah came home from school and I quote, “Mom, will you start making my lunch instead of me eating in the cafeteria?” “Um yea. I will. Why?” “The cafeteria is just too good and I’m getting fat.”

Then at dinner Elijah asked me, “Mom, who made the jello?” I told him I did, and he said, in all seriousness, “I didn’t know you had the ability.”


03 December 2009

Crayon Soup

I made split pea soup tonight for dinner. When I stopped in to stir it I noticed some blue specks. Hmm. Split pea soup is green.

I began scooping out blue and found a blue crayon. The crayon continued melting in the scooped out portion.

I decided to continue looking for anything else odd in the soup. I also found a green crayon.

We ate the soup anyway. I'm sure crayons are mostly organic.

02 December 2009

God provides

Our money situation is tight as usual. The boys needed bunkbeds so I spent some of my grocery money on wood so Matt could build them. A few other unplanned expenditures, the car headlight ect, left me with only 3 dollars for groceries for the rest of the week.

The kids came home from school with a project to make a gingerbread house for the Christmas program. It was going to require candy and graham crackers to make the house. My 3$ wasn't going to cover it.

Later that day I took a walk to get some exercise. I could feel God prompting me to cross the street and stop in a friends house and say hello. The friend is busy and I fought God a little thinking she's not expecting me, she's busy... but I went anyway. She was about to leave for town, but invited me in to see her Christmas tree really quick. On our way back out she said, "Oh! I bet you could do something with this! I've been wondering what to do with it." And right then she handed me a gingerbread house kit with all the candy and graham crackers.

God is faithful and is our provider.

Now that's what I call a dogpile!

No animals were harmed in the shooting of this photo.