30 November 2009

Fezzik Week

Oh Fezzik.

We live 4 blocks from church. In Lagrange that means 10 houses. The weather has been nice, so we have been walking to church.

Last Sunday we dropped the children off in their classes and came around the corner to see our dog sitting at the glass doors of the sanctuary looking in. Matt and I were quite surprised to see our dog attempting to worship with us. We figured he had pushed the gate open and followed us. So Matt left church and took him home.

Well this week it happened again. Only this time people were coming in and out of the doors when he showed up.

For those who don’t know Fezzik, he is a Siberian Husky with a very sweet and friendly temperament. He loves cats, dogs, and people.

He is also GIANT, scary looking, extremely large, frightening, massively sized, and has large teeth. Did I mention he looks like a wolf?

This week he went to church again only worse and more embarrassing, and worse and even more embarrassing.

I drop the kids off in their classes and go around the corner and see Fezzik at the glass doors looking in again. Only this time there is a girl behind him, looking completely freaked out and confused, wondering how she is going to safely bypass the wolf and get into church.

Oh brother.

I quickly go to shoe Fezzik away and let the poor girl in when out of church walks a lady carrying a large tray of brownies.

I would swear I was in a curious George book. Fezzik is instantly no longer interested in howling hymns with us or sitting quietly for the sermon. His nose is headed straight for the little old lady with the tray of tasty brownies.

People in the Midwest are very accommodating and laid back, but a wolfish animal in the parking lot will get to anybody. The poor lady could barely hold the tray of brownies high enough to keep Fezzik from snitching one.

Well, we were able to get lady and her brownies safely to her car and the girl into church. We missed Sunday School again, but caught the dog and took him home. This time Matt took baling wire and tied up the gates. So there can be no future Sunday morning escapades.

If Fezzik wants to worship, it had better be in his own backyard.

Getting ready for picture taking torture.

Put on your nice faces boys.

Good boys.

28 November 2009

Getting tucked in

I try to go into the boys rooms each night and "tuck" them in. Most of the time that means I'm counting to make sure they are all there and covered up. Last night I only counted 6 boys. Not a problem, one probably fell asleep behind the couch or under a couch or something. I looked everywhere and couldn't find him. I got a little worried. Finding less children than you should have can be a problem. Also it was Sam.. remember the left at church incident? I enlisted Elijah to help since he was awake, a good finder, and knows all the spots. Here's where he fell asleep.

Not safe, or soft, but warm.

25 November 2009

Gideon shows off his new clothes

Abbey's pants! and he put both of his legs into one of her pant legs. This occured during naptime. Such a tired cranky boy.

24 November 2009

Sleepy Time

Matt sleeps with the wet wipes. He doesn't know I took this picture. : )

Abbey and Gideon napping together.


23 November 2009


This is a picture of Abbey in a dress that was mine when I was little. I have a picture of me at her age in this dress with my teddy bears and against a brown couch. Of course I can't find it in the heaps of unpacked garage items.

But she looks just like me. Only with blue eyes. Matt and I are in a debate about the eyes. He says they will turn brown. I say they are blue to stay.

And a spread of Abbey wouldn't be complete without her yawning.

22 November 2009

Happy Halloween

One boy sliced his leg while trick or treating. The picture doesn't do it justice. It was quite deep. Of course he didn't let it stop him. He didn't tell me about it until trick or treating was over. I never even saw him limping.

13 November 2009

Sam really gets into his work

He can't reach the bottom of the washer unless he gets in.

11 November 2009

Rex came to visit and brought his...

Concrete Truck!!!! and let the boys climb all over it. He showed them how it turns and the pipe things go up and down and it has buttons and levers and controls. They were thoroughly impressed.

08 November 2009


Trying to get in,

ah the warmth of the computer,

and the best of all, snuggled up with the boys, and making Fezzik jealous : )

04 November 2009

Fun with Fez, Silas and Frogs

There are two story lines in the first 3 pictures. One shows Fezzik giving the boys a ride on the merry-go-round, getting his exercise, and being kept from running away. The second is the story of Silas catching a frog and running to show me.

Silas says he wants to be a farmer-doctor. We interpret that as a veterinarian.

We tied Fezzik to this trike because he can jump Nana's fence. I had to run an errand, without Fezzik and the whole time I was worried he would jump with the trike and get stuck.

He was really funny walking around and turning to look behind him, wondering what on earth was following him around. He finally got sick of toting the trike and just sat. : )