31 May 2013

Real Pie?

Yesterday Matt came home and was telling me about his day. It was all computer blarg to me until he
mentioned asking his boss how the raspberry pie on his desk was. Ah a conversation I can enjoy. His boss said not working well for him, but did he want to give it a try. Matt said sure.

I thought how nice Matt got some raspberry pie at work. So I asked him about it, "What did he mean not working for him? Did it not taste good?"
He gave me a look like, you weirdo, what are you talking about?

Hmm raspberry Pie must be more computery blarg and not a real pie.

Sure enough it is Raspberry Pi and it is a computer. Honestly! How would anyone know that?

I really don't think I'm the weirdo. I think raspberry pie in conversation should be assumed to be edible. And this goes for "Ice cream sandwiches" (Android) and "cookies" (stored information).

Who's with me?!

21 May 2013


Elijah just finished making his first tool with a metal lathe. I'm so impressed. It looks like the one below but without the blue handle.  It is used for getting dents out of cars. I should take a picture of him with the real one...


02 May 2013

Life in the day

Today I used the boys bathroom. I lifted the lid - which was closed!- and sat down. As I finished I happened to look down and realized the entire seat that I was sitting on was COATED with dark black poo. I had to climb on a step stool to look at my thighs in the mirror to see if I had gotten it all off.

I share this because I talked to my sis today and she mentioned how facebook posts make it seem like moms have it all together.

Well the proof is in the poo. We do not. Also while she was on the phone I caught Abbey hiding under the table eating sugar out of a bag with a spoon.

These are a few of my favorite things...

One of the things I really enjoy about being a mother is feeding my children a healthy lunch. Todays menu was chicken salad (made with greek yogurt instead of mayo and mixed with celery and almonds) on organic whole wheat bread with tomato slices and a fresh fruit salad with kiwi mango strawberries and oranges.

Yesterday was a vegetable soup made with fresh onions, carrots, celery, potatoes, and a few split peas. I threw in some canned corn and kidney beans and topped it off with whole wheat croutons. Yum. plus it was a cold snowy day and it made for a soup that warmed inside and out.

right now we are all waiting for Sam to finish diagramming 3 sentence then we will eat our sandwiches and fruit salad. These 3 sentences are really being drug out... ok 1 left...LETS EAT!!