18 February 2009

Helping Dad Make Coffee

They always act like sports commentators as they watch the coffee brewing. They usually align themselves with the water that is trickling over the top of the coffee grounds. As the last of the dry coffee grounds become submersed, you can hear them yell, "We're winning!!!"

16 February 2009

12 February 2009

05 February 2009


I stuck my head out the door today to yell at the dog because he was barking. I saw Elijah outside with him and hollered, "Elijah, why is the dog barking." He hollered back, "Its because of me!" "What are you doing?" I yelled. "Its ok, Mom." he responds "I'm not doing anything illegal!" HMMM

Also today, Josiah came and asked me, "Mom, why do our fingers pop when you pull them hard?" "I have no idea Joe." I absentmindedly responded. "Because," he continued, "I just punched Silas in the face really hard and all my fingers popped." I began listening.

04 February 2009