21 February 2010

Random pics

Sam made Gideon that thing on his head. It was scotch tape and paper with diamonds drawn on. Gideon loved it. He even slept with it on.

Fezz getting some attention.

20 February 2010

Though evil rages, I am protected...

matt put a song on here for me. Its on the right in that box over there. You have to click on it. I didn't know that. I thought it was broken.

Its a song my friend wrote and sang. It does a great job picturing who God is in my life.

Let the ocean's roar, let the mountains shake.
Let the water's surge and the whole earth quake.
Let the mountains crumble into the sea
But in the midst of it all there's hope for you and me

My God my Father He's the rock of my soul
His name is Jesus I know he's in control
Though evil rages I'm protected
My soul takes courage for in Christ I stand. I stand.

So be still and know that our God he is our refuge
So be still and know that our God he is our strength.
by Derrick Schiffner

He is my rock. He is the Only one who is trustworthy. For those of you who don't know him, he offers everything to you. He loves you with an everlasting love. He died for you, taking on himself all the bad things you and I ever did. All he asks is that you trust him. I am forever grateful to Him and grateful for the strength He gives me in this life.

Matt also put some other songs in that box.

16 February 2010

matt gets frustrated with our toiletry issues.

Sometimes we run out of things and it takes awhile to make it to town. Matt gets very frustrated with this. One time we ran out of shampoo and he went and bought every scent of Sauve on the shelf at walmart. He called it, "The set." We still have 10 bottles. He is happy that we will never run out of shampoo.

Currently we are low on toothpaste. Just squeeze the tube a little harder ok?

I guess that wasn't good enough.

At least he got free shipping on it.

14 February 2010

God gave us...

a van!

It is great and fits us all. We are so thankful.

12 February 2010

Laundry bending and the big Fez

This is my laundry line. Our electric bill was pretty high so I started experimenting with what was making it so high. I stopped using the dishwasher and moved our dryer in and the ancient one that came with the house out. I also started hanging the laundry.

The clothes in this picture are frozen solid. I take them off the line bend them in half and stuff them in the dryer for 5 minutes. Wa La! Soft and dry.

I just got my bill and I have saved 50 bucks this month. Yahoo.

08 February 2010

not for the faint of heart - or stomach

Yesterday, I really cleaned the bathroom. I was down scouring the baseboards, and around the toilet and organizing every cabinet. It was quite a project.

As I laid in bed that night, around 1, I began to hear some moaning. The moaning got louder and pretty soon Luke was in my room saying my tummy hurts. "Get to the bathroom!" I hollered as I tried to rouse myself. He made it to the bathroom but not in time to get to the toilet. I watched from the living room as puke chunks spewed violently all over my sparkling clean bathroom. sigh.

I got out the mop and began to mop up the chunks. It was all over the toilet seat and around the toilet. You know that euphoria that sets in after you puke, because you feel so much better? Well by this time it had set in for Luke. He was a happy chipper little thing while I was cleaning up his puke at 1 am. He decided to stand at the bathroom door, with his nose plugged and make comments like, "It really stinks in there.", and "you missed a spot", my personal unfavorite, "Your not going to be able to get that section with the mop mom. You'll have to get a wash cloth." It was incredibly stinky and I was picking up pieces of undigested green peppers, onion, and cheese from lunch's fajitas.

I got it all clean, changed Lukes clothes, changed my clothes, and washed myself and Luke all up. He got in my bed and I put a bucket at the end of the bed and left the bathroom light on just in case.

10 minutes went by. I lay there breathing in Luke's puke breath.

I began to hear moaning coming from the boys room. "Get to the bathroom whoever you are!" I started yelling urgently. I sounded like Sam who is old enough to know what to do. Luke, still in his euphoric state,jumped up. "I'll tell um mom!" Luke ran in ahead of me yelling "Get to the bathroom get to the bathroom." I decided Luke was handling it and I stayed in bed. Then I heard Luke yell, "He didn't make it." It had been Titus. He puked in his bed. Bah.

Cleaned up, laundry started, and back to my bed the three of us went. Only this time Luke slept on the couch because, "Titus is sick and I don't want to lay next to him." Did he forget he just threw up all over the bathroom?

10 minutes. more moaning. Luke is back at the toilet puking it up. Titus and Luke proceeded to tag team through the night. Fortunately everything else made it into the toilet. When I went back to bed the final time I felt a puke chunk under my fingernail.

My clean bathroom is now so germy I'd even rather pee outside.

Other miscellaneous comments:

When I write a blog I think of lots of things to say, but it would bog down the blog.

These were some of my other thoughts.

1. I didn't clean the bathroom because I'm pregnant. I cleaned it because it was stinky.

2. I remembered to take a picture AFTER I cleaned it up. I'm sure pictures of puke would have been much appreciated.

3. Cleaning things is therapeutic for me. My mom too actually. I had a mom meltdown yesterday before all of that puking. The cleaning helped. Matt took the kids to night church without me. I realized it was the first time in at least 6 months that I had been alone for 1 hour. I fell asleep on the couch and in my dream someone called for me and I woke myself up asking, "What do you need?" I decided it I was overdue for some regular alone time. Despite the puking, the alone hour did me good and I woke up refreshed.

And now its time for another bathroom scouring.