30 June 2009

The Shootin Range


I have walls!!!

This is the laundry room project that included a new floor, moving plumbing, electrical and replacing drywall. We finished the drywall and texturing so next will be the finishing touches. Jen Saunders picked out a lovely lemongrass (yellow) paint and fabric for the window. So that will be the next thing.

19 June 2009

HA! I caught Princess Margarette on camera.

I don't consider myself paparazzi (especially since I am her relative), but it took some skills to snap a shot of her.

18 June 2009

more of our Wyoming week

Matt job hunted all week.

Playing with Nana and Papa

E's gunna get me.

11 June 2009

Sick Sick Sick

The bug that Josiah had has made it through half the family. First Josiah, then Silas, Titus and Gideon. Matt and Elijah are currently feverish, achy sore throaty. Mom and Sam to go.

10 June 2009

Fun times on our trip.

Gideon has fun riding with Nana.

Gideon and the Great Rib

Matt applied for jobs the whole week.

Sam read 1,578,264 pages and counting.

Wyoming Trip

Hi Yall!

Matt and I had the privilege to attend the Frontier School of the Bible ministry conference. Of course God's divine sovereignty led each message and workshop to be just what we needed to hear.

We had a wonderful time with Matt's parents. Matt's aunt, cousin, and first cousin once removed (we had to look that up), drove 9 hours to see us!

We are now in Fort Collins to visit my sister and her family and plan to head back to Santa Rosa in a few days.

Gideon waiting for cookies

The digging pit - just like at home

bike riding

bike fixing

I think Elijah is enjoying himself

funny faces

yep E's having fun


01 June 2009

What is going on with the Boyd’s?

God is always teaching, training and growing us.

Many of you were praying with us a month ago when Brent informed us that we would probably not have a job next year. We started searching for jobs and refrained from going to the hospital after Matt’s motorcycle accident because we couldn’t afford it without medical coverage. Then Brent gave us a contract. Praise the Lord. Matt signed the contract and went to the hospital for his wrists.

More Job News

Matt had requested two weeks of vacation time for June and had a meeting on Friday with Brent to discuss it. For some reason, a board member was present for the vacation request. Hmmm.

“After much prayerful consideration and financial constraints we have decided….” Hmmm. This speech is getting familiar.

So Matt no longer has a job.

But, the vacation time was approved.

RVCS could only offer him ½ pay. Matt tried to stay by offering to teach math classes at no additional cost to the school but they were uninterested.

We did think of one way to stay at RVC. If we cancel our second Lexus payment, skip our biannual cruise trip, and hit the casinos less... just kidding. Our end-of-year credit card summary showed our entertainment expenditures for last year was $65. There is no wiggle room.

It was a fantastic 10 years at RVCS and we will really miss everyone.

That afternoon Kevin Hofer, Matt O’Brian and Matt Boyd met for prayer and Kevin warned us against canceling our trip – God might be planning mighty things. Matt and I prayed about proceeding with our vacation even though money is now even tighter, and both of us felt led to go.

Wyoming Trip

So, that evening, from 9pm to 11pm we packed, and left in the morning across country. We stayed with Bible School friends, Nate and RyLee Hornok in Salt Lake City. Josiah got the flu but we had a great drive. We were convinced that the old Hofer van wouldn’t make it very far and one of our friends would be coming to pick us up in the middle of the desert.

But, here we are in Torrington with Matt’s parents. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that Wyoming does have the internet.

Tomorrow we’re off to Frontier School of the Bible’s Ministry Conference ... for 3 days with no children. :) After that we’ll spend some time looking for jobs, go see my sister near Denver, and Ron Benton at CCU, and then head back home.

I noticed that Matt brought a dress shirt in case he has a job interview. He’ll probably wear the dress shirt with shorts and flip flops.

How can you pray?

So we would appreciate your prayers. For Matt and I: that we would trust the Lord, draw closer together, grow in the Lord and have “listening ears.” For the boys: that they would not fear, but learn that God can be trusted for every need. For our friends and family: that they wouldn’t worry. For RVCS: that God’s name would be glorified through this.

Oh yeah, and for a job. Our last paycheck is this month. We also lose our health care for the coming baby delivery, and our house is worth half of what we paid. We don’t get unemployment because the school is exempt.

How are we taking this?

I haven’t changed my personality and I’m still pregnant. Also, being from the Ferguson and Trussler families, I have my fair share of emotions. To give you an idea, think of the emotions of a crowd of menopausal women. That would be me.

Matt is a good Norwegian Jacobson and they feel very little. I have enough emotions for both of us. I even tell him what he should be feeling. Maybe one day his personality will correct itself. :)

More seriously, God loves us and we know that. We have pretty good attitudes about this. Everything in my Bible study that I have been going through has been reminding me of God’s love, omniscience (He knows everything), and that He has a plan. He tells me “Do not worry” and “Trust me.”

God’s Handiwork

Honestly, God has been preparing me. I’ve talked to a few of you about how God has brought larger and larger waves of struggles to me since January. It started with losing a library book, then bigger things like Matt’s melanoma test, and $700 wart removal fee, motorcycle accident etc. About every two weeks God brought another “giant” problem just to show me He is God and He is in control. What a patient and all knowing God I have. He has been with me every step of the way, and I have no reason to fear. I have every reason to trust Him, both from the Bible and from Him proving it to me.

A few of my favorite verses right now are

Philippians 4:19 And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Psalm 60:16 I shall sing of thy strength, I will sing joyfully of thy lovingkindess, you are my stronghold and refuge.

Dan 11:32 … the people who know their God will display strength and take action.

He gave me Psalm 30 yesterday. It is a psalm of David and his praise for God’s deliverance.
“I will extol thee o lord, for Thou has lifted me up… I cried to Thee for help and Thou didst heal me…Sing praise to the Lord, you His godly ones, and give thanks to His holy name…Now as for me, I said in my prosperity, I will never be moved, O Lord by thy favor Thou hast made my mountain to stand strong… To thee O Lord I called, and to the Lord I made supplication: What profit is there in my blood, if I go down to the pit? Will the dust praise thee? Will it declare thy faithfulness? Hear, O Lord, and be gracious to me; O Lord be Thou my helper” ... That my soul may sing praise to Thee and not be silent. O Lord my God I will give thanks to thee forever.”