30 May 2008

little boys and high powered machines (2nd day)

Joe tries the little motorcycle.

Sam on the Quad as usual

Lukey chased Uncle Don's RC car all day.

Elijah finds the "perfect stick" that is later fashioned into a homemade bow and arrow. The river was a great break on such a hot day.

29 May 2008

And Gideon's first high chair meal is...

Gideon's first high chair meal is a whole baked potato.

I don't understand why Gideon looks so frustrated. He should be happy that he has finally started to eat his first solid foods.

After initial frustration, Gideon has new resolve to tackle the potato.

28 May 2008

Joe does art ???

Josiah drew a stick figure picture of the family playing a fairly realistic Settlers of Catan game.

27 May 2008

Noisy Hat

In an earlier post, Elijah made some pouches out of old jeans legs. Josiah decided that the pouches make great looking hats.

23 May 2008

The Happy Tongue

Mom and Dad discover that Gideon has a super-hero alter ego. He now answers to TongueBoy!

19 May 2008

neighbor girl eats jalapenos

Jennifer (10), from across the street comes over to our house often. She was convinced that she could eat some minced jalapeƱos, so I thought it could possibly be of some entertainment value.

18 May 2008

2 boys learn important life skills

Elijah learns to sew. But Sam has other ideas.

Elijah is so happy to learn new things. Sam prepares the attack.

Elijah shows the finished pouch. Samuel moves in for the kill.

16 May 2008

California's new hand's-free cell phone law

Josiah figures out how to obey the new hands-free cell phone law.

Actually, Josiah likes to listen to music on daddy's phone.

15 May 2008

Never enough Calvin & Hobbes

When I was young, I thought that I would never let my kids read Calvin & Hobbes. That little cartoon miscreant would certainly become a rich source of deviousness for my offspring.

One day, the kids found my stash and I couldn't find the fortitude to take away all of the laughter. Now, the books are well read and decomposing and we no longer have enough books for everyone to have one.

14 May 2008

The 4 food groups; gravy, bacon, coffee, butter.

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a refrigerator looks when you have 7 boys?

Silas works hard to carry up groceries from the van.

13 May 2008

At the core of the matter

A few of the kids have been asking for apples or pears, taking a few bites and then leaving the fruit to discolor under some random piece of furniture. In response to this ant-fest, new rules had to be enacted about the required diameter of a fruit core before disposal.

Here, Samuel asks if this pear passes inspection.

Samuel doesn't look like he appreciates the new core rules.

12 May 2008

everybody at Gramma Betty's

4 generations of Trusslers
(Jana, Robin's sister Kelly, Gramma Betty, Diana, Robin)

Gramma Betty and 8 great grand kids.

Matt plots how he is going to get back his fuzzy bear that Jana stole.

A steady stream of sugar and adrenalin from Uncle Don makes him an all-time favorite.
(Titus, Uncle Don, Lukey)

Zombies in front of their idol -- the TV
(cousin Michael, Luke, Josiah, Elijah, Silas, Samuel)

And finally, everybody but Uncle Matt and Daddy in one picture
(I'm not even going to try to put all the names here)

11 May 2008

Nana and Papa visit from 2002

These pics are from 2002.

Elijah (4ish)

Elijah, Samuel (3ish), Josiah (1ish)

Nana and Samuel

Daddy tickles Josiah

Picture time with Nana

Nana reads Tale of Two Cities to the children

New silky pillow

Mama helps Josiah open presents. Look at her hair! And, look at his hair!

New blankets from Gramma J. Could Samuels cheeks have been any cuter?