17 November 2012

parenting win

there were some leftover beans in a thick creamy brown bean sauce. dad hatches a plan.

he dumps the beans into the toilet and yells at the kids, "who didn't flush the toilet! everybody get in here now!" he proceeds to reprimand them for several minutes about how disgusting it is to leave this messy diarrhea unflushed...how lazy the kids must be to just walk away without flushing, etc. just look at this mess. get in really close and look how disgusting this is. all of the kids are making really gross faces as they see how revolting the contents of the toilet really are.

then when they were all leaning over to look at how gross it is, dad says, "oh, wait a minute. this piece looks kind of tasty." and he picks up a bean out of the toilet and eats it.

all of the kids screamed and ran away. i win at parenting.