20 March 2012

Gideon thinks ahead

Gideon (age 4) “Mom, I’m going to give you grandchildren. I’m going to give you one grandchild. And Joe is going to give you one grandchild... Mom, we are going to give you ten grandchildren. Mom? Can you handle ten grandchildren? Can you handle them? Do you want ten? Do you? Can you handle it?”

Oh Gideon you are so cute! Yes Gideon! I'll take ten grandchildren!

17 March 2012


Gideon: "Dad, how much Gorilla Glue would it take to glue a gorilla?"

Sam: "Dad, you're very hairy."

Luke: "Yeah, he's a mammal."

16 March 2012

Small World

One of Matt’s many oddities that I am forced agree to put up with is, he picks up hitchhikers. Today on his way home from Cheyenne he saw a young guy hitch hiking in the middle of nowhere (Hwy 85). The man was holding a sign but Matt couldn’t see what it said. He stopped and asked what the sign said. It read, “I won’t kill you.” Matt gave him a ride.

Justin, the hitchhiker, is a student at Chico State University and was hitchhiking home to Deadwood, South Dakota. Matt gave him a ride to Lagrange, but with 0% chance of him getting a ride out of Lagrange, Matt brought him home to our house.

They hung out in the driveway a bit while Matt asked me if he could drive the guy to the next town so he could catch a ride. I agreed (it was either that or invite him to dinner.)

While we chatted it up in the driveway, my neighbor Jessica strolled by. She looked at him and stopped walking. He looked at her and then waved and said, “Jessica?” 

Turns out, they used to work at the same restaurant in South Dakota and they reconnected in my driveway in the middle of nowhere Lagrange.

Small World.

15 March 2012

Can I keep him?

This is Buddy. He lived down the street from us and LOVED the boys.

AHHH! Buddy being loved!

04 March 2012

Easy solutions

Gideon was sitting on my lap today at church. I pointed out to him that his cowboy boots were on the wrong feet. He crossed his feet and asked, "Is that better?"