17 January 2010

new family

A new family moved to Lagrange from Florida. I met them at Lagrange Bible Church. He is a cage fighter/personal body guard. He looks like "The Rock" only white. He works at the prison now as a corrections officer.

His wife is about 5'5" 100lbs and nearly broke my hand when she shook it. Think Jillian from Biggest Loser. Hey Kelly - maybe I get my own personal trainer!! FREE!

They have a second grade boy and a 2 year old boy. They've never seen snow and are renting a house on a thousand acres. It sounds like they have as many mice as acres. and rattlesnakes too.

Lagrange is changing so much. Maybe we will get our own policeman or hotcuts or something! It is really fun to watch.

05 January 2010

the order of things

Titus came to me the other morning and said, “Hey mom, Gideon was crying and then I punched him and then we were just playing around.”

Well, "ok" I thought, they are playing, they like to box each other.

Then later it occurred to me that if I reversed the order of his version of the events it makes a bit more sense..."we were playing, then I punched Gideon, then he was crying."

03 January 2010

can't find it

Why so many written posts and no pictures??? I can't find my camera's battery charger.

02 January 2010

potty successes?

Gideon went poop in the bathroom today. Don't get to excited. I said in the bathroom, not on the toilet.

He did pee in the toilet, but then he also peed on the couch. Actually it rolled off my leg onto the couch. Yes, time to change my pants.