30 June 2008

Random family pics

Elijah, Samuel, and Josiah

Here the boys are in hand-knitted sweaters from Pam Manley

One of these kids is not like the others. Can you spot the one that doesn't belong? The extra kid is cousin Mike.

28 June 2008

Why do we have a dog, again?

We have a grouchy neighbor so we have been leaving Fezzik in the laundry room when we go to church. However, one Sunday when we got home He had dug through the linoleum into the wood floor.

Well, another Sunday was unfortunately hot so we decided to do Fezzik a favor and leave him in the cool basement. When we got home he had clawed his way through the basement door.

Someone please remind me why we got a dog in the first place?

27 June 2008

Mrs. Maile, part 2

She called me today and asked me to take her on some errands. So I took Mrs. Maile ( think personality of Luke with a moderate case of dementia) to Hardesters today. When we got back her house had been broken into. Yikes! We called security and the sheriff. They caught the person and extracted a confession in about 30 minutes.

While the reports and such were being taken she actually stood in the doorway and would not let me leave her house. She told me I was not allowed to talk and she told security that they were not allowed to ask me questions. Good thing HVLA Security was standing there taking a report or I could have been held hostage permanently. So I stood behind her nodding and mouthing the correct answers while she said we went to Walmart and were gone for 10 minutes.

Come to find out she has barricaded security themselves and kicked and spit on them.

Sounds like I just made myself a winner of a friend.

Quotes from Mrs. Maile:
"Maile M A I L E Its a Hawaiian name. Maile Can you enunciate? Do you know the word enunciate?" repeated every 10 minutes

"Do not take your hands off the wheel? Didn't anyone ever teach you to keep both hands on the wheel?"

"oh. You live in a desert. When are you going to put in a lawn?" Well Mrs. Maile it is a drought year. "Nonsense who cares about a drought. You must have a green lawn."

"Smoke? What smoke?"

"I don't need help getting out of the car. You need help getting out of the car."

Mrs. Maile - "How old are you? I'm going to need to see your drivers license."
Robin - "Twenty nine"
Mrs. Maile - "Twenty nine??"
Robin - "Don't I look 29?"
Mrs. Maile - "You look like your 89!!!"

26 June 2008

25 June 2008

Luke's happy feet

You can't hear the music playing but Luke was really into it.

Bathroom Part 2

It looks like its going to require a lot more work.

1 straight pipe, an elbow joint, flange, bolts and wax ring later....

We have a working toilet!

Let's see that bad boy flush.

21 June 2008

Fezzik and his girl

This is Fezzik and Zoe. Fezzik is 90 lbs and Zoe is 4 1/2 lbs. They tolerate each other.

taking a nap together

18 June 2008

Something is wrong with the toilet

Did I mention we have house guests and Matt is "on vacation"?

So the toilet has been having problems the last few days. Plunging and snaking hasn't helped. So Matt decided it was time to pull up the toilet and see what the problem was. These projects are never as easy as they should be. The bolts and nuts were rusted together so Matt had to cut through the bolts to get the toilet up.

There is the toilet upside down in the tub.

And what is that orange colored thing that is in the hole causing all the trouble?

Ah. Of course. An orange. Everyone flushes oranges down the toilet.

Now to putting it back together. We can't just put the toilet back on because the parts are rusty. We have to remove the flange (or something) and it is glued stuck. Mendo mill doesn't carry the 75$ part to get it off so we will make do.

Matt looks so happy in this picture. He has been having kidney stone like pain for the last 4 days. It is so funny (not the kidney stone). It just looks like he couldn't be doing anything more fun. And he is in his church clothes.

ok so its not done yet. Our plan to "make do" didn't work so we will go to plan B. That requires an elbow joint and a trip to the store. We also need to go to costco for groceries. So there will be a short intermission. More to come.....

11 June 2008


What is in my coffee??

A car. hmm. drink it anyway.

10 June 2008

The cyclops tooth.

Almost gone....

And its out of there!!!

In this picture, you can clearly see Sam nostrils are very clean.

07 June 2008

Sigh. Life with Seven Boys

Yes. That USED to be my toothbrush. I wonder who did that???!!!