31 October 2009


This is real, not a costume. I don't think that tooth is gonna last long.

30 October 2009

A light snow

20 inches!

Elijah's snow fort

Drifts that are 3 to 4 feet high

Samuel's snow fort

29 October 2009

What the Heck???

Recently heard in the Boyd home...around 2 a.m.

"Daaaaaaad? I went number 2 and when I flushed the toilet, both of the logs tried to go down at the same time and they got stuck and stopped up the toilet, and when I came to tell you about it then Fezzik came in to the bathroom and got them out of the toilet and ate them, but he didn't eat them all, and the the uneaten parts are spread out all over the bathroom floor."

Flowers from Kathy Coons

28 October 2009

Leaks and Yellow

This was the condition of the faucets in the house we are renting. They are in the off position. It was scalding hot water coming out. Happily, the leak is fixed now.

While a repairman was replacing our broken hot water heater, he took pictures of the mold under the bathroom. There are leaks in the roof and bathroom walls causing the floor under the bathroom to be covered in it.

The home owner plans to rip out the bathroom. An insurance adjuster is coming today to look at it.

I think the adjuster should have come out just for the yellow walls!

09 October 2009

08 October 2009

The picture taking experience

It started out well. All the boys agreed to put on their sweet smiles for the camera.

nice one...

Then they got bored, except for Luke

and then they began to get silly

and sillier

oh my,

They win. I quit.

Abigail slept the entire time, that is her yawning in her sleep.

01 October 2009

As they say on the interweboblogatubes, "If there's no pictures, it didn't happen."

Looks like these boys are pretty happy with their new sister. Shall I remind them of their previous threats, "I'll never never touch her." "Let's make her our slave." "Maybe I'll touch her on the foot." Looks like they are sweet on her already.