25 April 2010

oh dear

Our friends Nate and Rylee came to visit this week. During dinner the first night they were here, Titus said, "Mom, I'm not hungry" and then he threw up. Nate and Rylee decided to stay with us anyway. Brave souls.

The next night Silas and Gideon threw up. The night after that Luke and Rylee and Elijah and Abbey did.

Nate and I walked around spraying all the surfaces with bleach water.

Nate's brother Ben came to visit yesterday. He was also very brave.

Rylee and Nate left today, a day early, but we still had fun with them. Samuel has it now. That leaves Joe, Matt and Robin virus free.

One good thing that happened while they were here is that Rylee's jaw popped and opened a little more. Several years ago she had surgery. One of the side affects of the surgery was her mouth didn't open all the way. This week she gained an extra inch! Yay.

Someone commented that it might help her as she throws up this week. I think she would rather just successfully eat a sandwich. : )

Random things

Kelly Visit:

Thursday and Friday I went and saw my sister in Fort Collins. I live just 2 hours from her now and the drive is straight and easy! Her husband babysat all 10 of our children so we could go out.

We went to her fitness club and did a yoga class. It was my first yoga class and was really fun. Not relaxing though. All the "dog down" "cat up" "chimichanga" commands made me laugh really hard and yoga is supposed to be a really quiet class. They barely even turn the lights on. So I was trying to hold it together the whole class. Then we tried all the weight equipment. Kelly had me running around doing 5 of these and 5 of that. Again we were laughing so hard, good thing everybody in there was using an iPlod. Then we steam roomed, saunaed and I accidentally locked our clothes locker. That was embarrassing.

We had some prayer time that night and the next day took the kids to the park. It had been about a year and a half since my last hair cut and Kelly found a salon with an opening. It was one of those foo foo salons. The kind where they give you a free drink when you walk in the door and you are afraid to drink it because you might spill it on their Barcelona chairs. I was prepared for the haircut expense and was going to decline decline decline the extras.

As it happened, the lady with the appointment in front of me was wearing a burkah. Everytime a man walked into the salon - which was frequently because the front desk girl looked JUST LIKE Paris Hilton and was quite, shall we say, engaging - so when a man walked in the woman in the burkah would scream, jump out of her chair and hide. Her haircut lasted 2 hours. My appointment ended up starting 45 minutes late. All the while Kelly and 10 children were "entertaining" themselves in my van outside. An hour and a half later my appointment was over. My hair was chopped. Cute and short. And the stylist washed and styled it for free and gave me a big discount for having to wait so long with my sister and 10 kids in the car. I had a great time.

Kelly eventually took the kids to a bagel place across the street and the bagel lady felt so sorry for her that she gave them all the free bagels they could eat. Kelly made the kids clean out the van. Josiah got 2 warnings and was threatened with having to go stay in the salon with me. (He began to behave better after that.) But I do think she had a good time. She said she put Elijah in charge.

Sam's mouth:

I set up dentist appointments and we went in last month. Elijah, Josiah, and Silas had their appointments. Elijah's mouth was perfect. Josiah and Silas got the "brush better in the back and floss" talk. And then came Sam's appointment. Sam's mouth is not good.

I think this has been his habit for the last year: take a dry toothbrush, swipe the front teeth, and check the "I brushed my teeth" box on the chore chart. Then eat 7 pieces of candy and go to bed.

The result is 4 drilling appointments. He has loads and loads and loads of cavities. He has more cavities than he has teeth. But according to the dentist they can be fixed. They are baby teeth and the permanent ones look mostly ok.

Mother failure. But I plan on learning. And now Sam's teeth sparkle with cleanness. They will sparkle next week because of silver caps.

23 April 2010

Spring Cleaning



I've been cleaning out the flower bed in front of our house. In Wyoming we have goatheads and sandburs. They are the worst worst worst thorns ever. My hands hurt so bad. They go right through gloves. ouch.

22 April 2010


We got this costume from Auntie Kelly. I think it is about 3 sizes to small for Titus, but he put it on and wore it all day.

21 April 2010

20 April 2010

Gideon asleep

Our carbon monoxide alarm went off the other day. It said we had 25x the safe amount in the house. And you know how your mind gets racing...

Carbon monoxide causes headaches. Elijah had a headache all that morning. It also causes fatigue. I was sleepy. Abbey is sleepy. Elijah had been sleeping all afternoon. Gideon is asleep. Elijah might be passed out. I bet they are all unconscious. We are probably dying right now....

You know, the rational thoughts of motherhood.

So, I sent the children outside, but I didn't want Gideon to wake up if it was just a nap and he wasn't unconscious. So I scooped him up and set him in the stroller, which he didn't really fit in, with a jacket on top of him. And went, inside!, to research how to read the alarm and find where the problem was coming from.

Elijah held his breath and looked in on me regularly to see if I was still alive. He dutifully reported to the brothers his findings. "Yep still alive."

The carbon monoxide alarm was just a false alarm. The batteries needed charging or something.

I left Gideon asleep in the stroller outside since I didn't want him to wake up when I moved him back in. He slept another two hours out there with kids and bikes and digging and shouting and everything. He did wake up a little confused.

19 April 2010

Abbey in a stroller

Is Abbey filling up her stroller? She looks so big in there.

Nope! This is a baby doll stroller my neighbor gave the boys. The boys love it! They move their laundry around in it. and cars and trucks.

Just last night they discovered they could give Abbey rides in it. I don't think they knew it was a girl toy designed for dolls. but shhhh. Maybe they won't figure it out for awhile.

14 April 2010


Two Frontier School of the Bible students teamed up with the community college and are offering a gymnastics class. It is at the elementary school just down the street and the price is right! About $4 for an hour long class.

They are learning to vault, do bars, beam and floor stuff. One girl can already do a flip over the vault, but she is really talented.

I'll try to get better pictures. This was at their first class a couple weeks ago and none of my children wanted their picture taken.

10 April 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

The town hosts an annual Easter Egg hunt at the park.

They let the kids leave the plastic eggs if don't want them and they reuse them the following year.

Titus found the prize egg for his age group. Actually I found the prize egg. Titus wasn't interested in finding eggs. He handed me the basket and said, "Will you do it?" I told him there was candy in the eggs and all the other children were getting them and he needed to hurry. He didn't care.

I finally got him to hunt for some underneath a tree because, I said, "I am to big to fit and that girl is coming to get them." I don't think it is fair that I found the prize egg and a lazy gatherer got the prize.

At the end of the hunt the librarian read the children a book about sharing at an Easter Egg hunt. Then we had snacks and punch. A very fun Saturday.

09 April 2010

My little cowboy

The black "tattoo" on his back is my camera string.

05 April 2010

02 April 2010

Dads have no business dressing babies.

Matt got Abbey dressed for church and put her bottoms on her head. Dads!

01 April 2010

1 year ago today....

If you recall, last April 1st we posted an ultrasound picture of a baby girl in the womb, telling people I was pregnant with a girl after 7 boys. The following day we posted a follow up saying it was an April Fools joke.

The joke was on us. : ) God has a sense of humor!

And here she is:

Her shirt says "little sister".