31 January 2011

Cuddling on the bed

I'm trying to keep my cup upright amidst the jiggly bed.

25 January 2011

Attack of the Frozen Soup

Elijah was making room in the freezer for the new groceries. He was pulling out the frozen soup that was in one of those gallon size ice cream containers. As he swung the frozen soup out of the freezer he made contact with GiddyBugs little head. He feels terrible.
He looks like he is on some pretty heavy duty pain killers.
Mom practices her favorite sport, butterfly stitching.

 Gideon got to eat a fruitcicle during the surgery.
All better. Thanks mom!


I'm not sure why Gideon's arm is at such an odd angle...  Abbey has spaghetti or jello or something on her face.  They all enjoy bubble baths.

24 January 2011


Joe had some sort of bothersome lump in his throat after dinner.  I got a flashlight and took a peek.

Oh My!  It looked like a white thorn poking out into his throat.  A little research on good old internet and we have.... Tonsilloliths!

Josiah's sort of went away after some deep poking in the way back of his throat with the end of a spoon, plus a little gaggin and one real good cough.  Once it was out we watched some really disgusting youtube videos on them.  If you had been in our living room you would have heard, "Nasty" "Disgusting" "EEEWWW" coming from a bunch of little boy voices.

So now Josiah feels like puking after watching what was in his throat.

The videos were amazing.  I wish it were my JOB to remove tonsilloliths.

Working on the fort and muddy Abbey


23 January 2011

Sayings XXXIII

GiddyBug: "Remember when it was raining gravy and it squished out all over the road?"

Dad: "Uh, no."

21 January 2011

Sayings XXXII

Titus was in my bed the other night and Matt wrote down our conversation.

Mom: "Titus, have you met your cousin Annie?"

Titus: "Yes, it was by the elevator, in a big flat spot, when I was being born. And there was a big circle place and we were squished and Annie went out the door and it opened up and she fell out and she tripped. It was a food place. I had a dream that there was a lion, and a bear and a cheetah and they were tied up together, not an elephant, because they are cute...don't you wish we had a zoo right beside us...we could chase down the snakes.

Mom: "A zoo would have too much poo!"

Titus: "Mom, you talk allot. the animals would stay in their cage and be nice. they could kind of talk. they could growl. I would let you pet them. When I want to grow up I want to be a GRARRGGGGH! No, I want to be a water truck."

Mom: "OK, I'm ready to go nite-nite"

Titus: "Wait! One more thing. Actually I want to grow up to be an elephant."

Mom: "Titus, the dentist told you not to suck your..."

Titus: "Oops! I closed my lips around my thumb. Remember when the tractor did go on the ice and he had a big brush behind him. the tractor was ice skating"

20 January 2011


You can see the fort progress in the background.

19 January 2011

Sayings XXXI

It is very dry in Wyoming and we frequently have to apply chapstick or vasoline to our lips.  Gideon and Josiah have had chapped lips lately and I told them to put something on them.  Gideon came running out with the jar of ointment and said proudly, "I found the gasoline!"

My sister gave us a humidifier this weekend.  We'll see if that helps. 

18 January 2011

17 January 2011

Sayings XXX

GiddyBug was lying in bed with mom and dad and mom wanted a break from kids. So, dad told Gideon not to touch mommy. Then mom asked him if he was touching daddy and Gideon said, "Yes, I'm touching dad with the elbow of my leg." Mom asked if he meant his knee and he said "Yes, my knee."

16 January 2011

You know you have a big family when...

I went to take a shower today and decided to count the seconds till someone knocked on the door with either a question or to use the toilet.  I turned on the water and started counting.  I got to 21.  I had a good chuckle.

also you know you have a big family when,

next to your favorite recipes you have written the amounts needed to quadruple the recipes

sometimes those quadrupled recipe amounts are written in 8 year old handwriting

you have more beds than most people have forks

14 January 2011

Sayings XXIX

Luke: What's a turnip?

Elijah: A purple vegetable.

Silas: I thought turnips ate wood.

Elijah: That's a termite.

13 January 2011

Contest! Who can spot Ben Hornok?

This picture was taken at Ben Hornok's house during the 1st Annual Auch Boyd Extravabonanza. Robin has a sweet reward for the first person to find him. Void if you were present at the party.

Click on the picture to get a full size version.

12 January 2011

1st Annual Boyd Auch Family Christmas Celebration!

One of the many benefits of moving to Wyoming is we are only 2 hours from my sister.  We had our 1st Annual Boyd Auch Christmas Celebration this year.  She lives near her inlaws and so do I so holidays are usually spent with them.  We decided to pick a day near Christmas to spend with each other.  This year we met in Cheyenne which is half way between each other and have dinner together and ice skate. 

Kelly realized if we were going to take 10 children for a picnic and ice skating the adults were going to spend all their time changing diapers and feeding people.  We wisely hired a personal assistant to do that for us.  Miss Harves pushed Abbey in the stroller, took children to the bathroom, made them lunch, helped them ice skate and let Kelly, Matt, Matt and I spend time having fun.

After skating we all went to our friend Ben's house to play games and have dinner.  Here we all are. : )  Top left to right - Matt Boyd, Matt Auch, Robin, Middle - Abbey, Kelly, Silas, Titus, Gideon, Jana, Luke, Bottom - Michael, Elijah, Josiah, Samuel


11 January 2011

Frozen Pants

It is really really cold out.  At the moment it is -4 degrees, but feels like -15 (according to the weather report) Anything I hang on the line freezes solid.  Fortunately they still dry, and you can throw them in the dryer for a minute to thaw and warm them.  These pictures are from a few weeks ago.

Another result of cold temperatures is when it is minus anything out cars do NOT want to start.  Today I drove the boys the block to school and the ignition was so cold it was just about frozen.  I could barely turn the key and then I had to try about 5 times to get it to stay on and then I had to let it idle with my foot on the gas for at least a minute to get it to stay on.  BURRRR. 

I am staying warm in the house and using the dryer today.

10 January 2011

Sayings XXVIII

The kids were playing with the snakes that Uncle Don gave them for Christmas. Then Sam said he could probably handle 4 snakes ... but with 5 snakes and he would be obliberated. Luke replied with "No Sam! We need you to obliberate them!"