17 July 2008

Sam and Joe at the Pool

Sam learns to swim!! And guess what he asks for???

Joe does somersaults.

16 July 2008

Gideon learns the art of mess-making.

"Mom, have you tried this? It's tasty!"

"Um Gideon... You are eating our door seal."

09 July 2008

05 July 2008

Our trip to the Redwoods

Here we are next to a very large root. (It's actually a petrified mythological octopus)

Nate looks like he thinks its funny the tree fell over. Riley thinks it is shocking and terrible.

And the famous Colonel.

03 July 2008

Titus has a great day.

"Mom, there's something in my eye."

"Ah, now it's out. What a great day! Did you see the Orange I put in the toilet?"