22 April 2009

The pick, the taste, the wipe

Matt and I needed a picture of the two of us, so we had Josiah take a few shots. Titus joined us and we caught him on camera picking his nose. Then eating it. Then wiping the leftovers on me.

08 April 2009

The drama doesn't end at the Boyds house.

Matt's losing his job?

In early March Matt's boss told him that he was thinking of outsourcing Matt's job. Renewal contracts come out April 1st. So Matt has been busy updating his resume, looking for jobs and asking for letters of recommendation in case he doesn't have a job. I have been busy throwing things away that I do not want to take with me if we have to move. I don't want to take anything with me except my purse and my family members. There is a lot to throw away. Matt wants to bring a coffee cup.

So Matt's motorcycle accident.

He was fooling around on a motorcycle (his first time on one) at my gramas ruralish house giving the kids rides. On Lukeys turn they rode and rode and rode and then rode into a moving vehicle. They both flew off, wrecked the bike and took out a blinker light on the other car. Luke scraped his chin but was fine. Matt acted fine so we (my grama, my mom, and I) all yelled at him for "going to fast", "not being safe", "what was he thinking", etc etc. As it turns out he had hamburgered one hand and messed up both hands/wrists/ and one elbow. So he played it cool until I noticed they had swelled up like balloons. So I called our firefighter/kaiser friends, Jen and Jamey Saunders. They felt around and suggested he go to the doctor but they didn't think it was broken.

Insurance details.

We have a $3000 deductable with our insurance. That means we pay the first $3000 and then insurance covers the rest. So each time we go to the doctor they charge us and it applies to the deductable. This year we will meet the full amount because I am having a baby in October. So we have the money saved and if Matt goes to the doctor it will apply to the deductable and we are fine.

However, if he loses his job, he will also lose our insurance and we will have to start from scratch. Anything he spends at the doctor for his arms, wouldn't be applied to the deductable and we don't have any left for the baby. Savvy?

The unknown.

So we waited a week and Matt didn't get a contract, nor did he get a we regret to inform you letter. So it turns out, the administration is undecided on how to proceed with Matts job and we are waiting for their answer. And I guess still waiting to see if we can afford the doctor.

The Garden and other misc.

We have proceeded on our garden and it is looking really cute and growish. My dad gave Matt some arm splint things that he wears, they are not cute or growish.

So we would appreciate prayer for jobs, arms, joy, wisdom blah blah blah. :)

02 April 2009

April Fools

Robin thinks her husband is such a dork. The baby girl thing was April fools. It's too early to know the sex of the baby.