27 July 2011

The oddities of Lagrange

The last two days I have heard what sounded like a dying goose coming from across the road.  Yesterday I decide to go see if something needed to be put out of its misery.  I climbed the low rise across the street and saw 2 donkeys in the field across from my house.  yes donkeys in Lagrange.

This morning before breakfast the boys and I drove over to see them. One of the donkeys was in its fence and was the friendliest animal you ever saw.  It RAN up to the boys to get loves.  It snuggled with Silas, nibbled his shirt and let everybody pet and scratch him.  When we left he cried like a baby. The guy next door said the donkey was sad because the other donkey got out of the fence.

Okay. so there is a donkey wandering Lagrange.  I'm not that surprised. Lagrange is an interesting place. The guy told me to give him a hollar if I saw it.  I certainly will.

Silas told me he saw the donkey walking down the railroad track road yesterday evening.  Apparently he didn't think to mention a donkey on the loose. : )

Also, Ben caught 3 fish last night and we ate them for breakfast this morning.  brown trout. yum. and zucchini bread with whole wheat and zucchini from our garden. delicious.

26 July 2011

give me five

ben hornok was playing "give me five" with abbie. then he did the "up high" and "down low." when he got to the "down low" abbie looked at it for a second and then used her foot.

25 July 2011

The kitten and abbey

I thought Abbey was playing in the backyard with Titus and Gideon.  When I realized she wasn't there, or in her bedroom I began to worry.  The boys and I fanned out and began looking for her.

We found her in my closet sitting in the box with the cat. I didn't see the kitten right away and panicked that she had sat on it.  Everything was fine.  Momma cat was nursing her baby right there with Abbey plopped there next to her.  Momma cat wasn't bothered at all that Abbey was there.

Now to keep Abbey away from the temptation.  : )

24 July 2011

the kitten

bulgy bear had a kitten. we are wondering if there are any more on the way. we came in from a picnic in our yard and we couldn't find bulgy bear or the kitten. a quick search of the house yielded abblet the omlet (who was supposed to be napping) walking around with a 4 hour old kitten and bulgy bear the cat following Abbey.

23 July 2011

Conked Out!

I think Abbey just walked to her bed and collapsed. : )

22 July 2011

Plants XXXIV

One choke cherry bush that I make jelly out of.

Sam's Plum Tree that he planted.

Plum trees

More plum trees

We are getting plums

more plants

I'm not sure what this is.  Can anyone tell me?  Could it be an immature pumpkin?

19 July 2011

So much fun

The boys did this ALL afternoon.  They loved it.  I guess I don't have to spend 30 bucks a person on a water park.  All you need is a shovel, a hose, some sleds, and 5 boys. : )

The best part was none of them could drown in it or be kidnapped and I watched from a safe dry distance on my chair with my book and my coffee.  Aaahhh. It was a great day.
Melons, cucumbers, pumpkins

Bee friendly flowers from Matt's brother

Cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower -  I have two plants and don't know which seeds worked.

I ate my first ripe cherry tomato today and I see lots of green tomatoes on the vine.



Brussel Sprouts

2 carrot rows (need a little weeding and thinning)


A wheat expirament
More bee friendly flowers from Matt's brother

And more

And more




Sunflowers -  the bees love them

Bald patch - either we didn't get the corn seeds right or we accidentally hoed them up

Better photo of the beans

Mint -  my mom always grew it and I like the way it smells



Sam is enjoying himself right here by the way.  : )

15 July 2011


Robin+: "Matt, will you make popcorn? Yours is always better than mine."

Matt: "Do you know why?"

Robin: "extra butter?"

Matt: "Its not black when I'm done."

13 July 2011

Sayings ??X?CMXCL

Robin: It sure is nice when people collect something. That way, we can always have something to buy them.

Silas: Mom, you have a collection.

Robin: I do???

Silas: Yeah, Kids!

12 July 2011

Abbey's vocabulary

Abbey can say two sentences and a bunch of words, most of it I can't understand.

"Pooped in" and she points to her diaper.

Last week she said, "Toe hurt me." She lifted her toe and held it out to me.

Sayings LIX

Gideon, "I have an owie in my foot."

Mom, "oh is it a splinter?"

Gideon, "no its a practice."

Mom, "hmm."

Mom, "A practice?"

Gideon, "yes a practice that I stepped on."

Mom, "oh a cactus!"

11 July 2011

Sayings LIII

Today Matt was picking out his tie and Gideon was watching.  Gideon asked, "What flag are you going to wear today, Dad?"

10 July 2011


This morning Gideon said, "Mom will you sharpen my fingernails they are getting long."

09 July 2011


I asked Gideon if he was ready for breakfast.  He said yes but he wanted real food not a banana or an apple or an orange or anything like that.  He told me cornbread was real food. : ) 

08 July 2011

The Garden today - about 4 weeks later maybe

These are Elijah's sunflowers

The Corn and Herbs/Volunteer Peas on the left

Green Beans



This is I think, Columbine and Yarrow.  Kid's choices.  I don't know what they do.

Beets and Carrots

Brussel Sprouts




More Tomatos

You can see a Pepper on this plant.

In the center is the plant I thought was a variety of lettuce, tried a bite and half poisoned myself.

More flowers, notice the red ones in the back they are ones the boys picked out.

The melon patch.  Cucumbers, pumpkins, and watermelon.

A cucumber plant

a pumpkin plant

 the whole thing

There are sunflower plants throughout the garden.  Left over seeds were tilled in and grew.  Nobody wants to see them die so we left them.  Our plants (and weeds) are very happy.  We used chicken manure and I guess plants like that.  You can see we have weeded the corn and got it mulched.  We had weeded the other sections but didn't have enough mulch and they grew back.  We are about to get another load of grass mulch from the town and back to work weeding this weekend. : )

So far we have picked and eaten 2 pea pods. They were good.