30 May 2011

Sayings XXXXVIII: Infinity

Silas: I'm as big as the world
Ben Hornok: I'm infinity
Silas: I'm infinity plus one
Ben: I'm infinity squared
Silas: I'm infinity rectangled

Ben: Hey GiddyBug, how's my breath
Gideon: uh, not good.

22 May 2011

Sayings XXXXVII: Mechanical Pencil

Silas said his was broken so he needed to go get another robotical pencil.

21 May 2011

sayings XXXXVI: breakfast with luke

Dad: what is your favorite subject at school
Luke: does recess count?
Dad: no
Luke: then I choose lunch.

Luke: why did you marry mom?
Dad: I'm not going to tell you.
Luke: whyyyyy?
Dad: cuz you'll just say EEEWWW!
Luke: no I won't
Dad: yes you will
Luke: no I won't. just tell me.
Dad: ok, I married your mom cuz I love her and I want to kiss her.

20 May 2011

She looked like such a sweet thing....

We were pet sitting for our friend.  His cat, Reepicheep, and our cat, Dufflepud, are mortal enemies. 

One night we heard the low growls of an imminent cat fight.  Matt went in to separate them.  As he scooped up Reepicheep, she was in mid attack.  Dufflepud was suddenly out of her reach but she decided that the hand in front of her would do.  


From the other room I heard an "ARRRGGGHHH" that sound much more man like than cat like.  

"That didn't sound good, " I responded.  There was no reply.  I entered the living room and saw Matt tightly hold his thumb and grimacing.

She is now happily back at her house by herself with no children, other cats, or noise.  Just Fezzik - who she likes -  and her job:  mouse catching.

side note - she and Fezzik are cute together.  She attacks our friends toes while he sleeps and Fezzik gets up and protects the toes from the cat.  She attacks Fezziks tail and legs for fun.  When she is being naughty he runs and jumps toward her to stop her.

After this attack on Matt, Fezzik wouldn't let Reepicheep out of the corner.  He stood in front of her everytime she tried to go anywhere.  That lasted all the next day.  : ) 

19 May 2011

Must have been a nail biter

Sam still loves to read.  He read the Inkheart Trilogy in 3 days.  The hard part is finding books for him with both safe moral content and an advanced reading level.  Too bad they don't have "clear play" for books.

17 May 2011

Mrs. D with the boys

Mrs. Downare was the women's dean at Frontier School of the Bible.  She is now my neighbor and friend.  She came over and played the piano the other day for the boys.  They really enjoyed it.

15 May 2011

Sayings XXXXV

At the Awana Grand Prix:

Leader:"ok, kids, what do we do with tools?"

Child1: "Use them."

Leader:"Ok.  What else?"

Child2: "Make something."

Leader:"Yes. What else?"

Gideon: "PUT THEM AWAY!"

14 May 2011

Easter Egg Hunt After Party

Each year after the Easter Egg Hunt, all the participants head to the library to listen to a story, have snacks, and hand out the prizes.  They also reuse the plastic eggs year after year and that gives all of us an opportunity to unload the candy and return the eggs if we don't want to keep them.  The pictures above and below are of our new library in the Lagrange Heritage Building.

They read a story about the perfect egg.  After each page the librarian asked the children a question.  Gideon answered each question as if it were specially directed to him.  All of his answers made the rest of us roar with laughter.  He was adorable.

13 May 2011

Easter Egg Hunt at Lagrange Heritage Square

Joe is in this group.  He is wearing Camouflage pants.

Luke with a find!

09 May 2011

The Fort Progresses

The pit makes a perfect babysitter. plop abbie in and she can't get out.
The middle beam on the top of the fort was straight at one time. the kids attached a pully to lower gear into the nearby pit and broke the beam.
This is the deep pit after mom had them fill it in. Silas has carved out a perfect recliner chair in the wall.

This last Valentine's Day...

Nana came to babysit so Matt and I could have a date.  Nana and the boys made Valentine's Day cards for us that night.  I didn't get a chance to take the pictures right away so they lost some "flair" and a few fingers by the time it was picture time.  Very Very Sweet.

I think we must have had a religious discussion around this time because several children wrote "free will" on theirs. 

06 May 2011

The Pit

The boys dug this pit in the yard by the fort.  I thought it was dangerous and made them fill it in, but not before I took pictures.  They had rigged up a bucket and pulley system and filled buchets and lifted them out by the pulley attached to the top of the fort.  Elijah told me he was going to need me to give him a candle eventually to make sure the oxygen down there was good.  Time to fill it up.