29 November 2011

Boys and Girls are different

We watched half of The Sound of Music last night. Abbey was enraptured by it and sang with Maria during every song. Luke just kept asking where the Nazis were.

27 November 2011

tables turned

We work on the buddy system. Elijah's buddy is abbie. Tonight when elijah finished putting on her pajamas she reached into the dresser drawer, grabbed elijah's pajamas and told him, "foot in."

17 November 2011

Silas wants to be a farmer doctor aka veterinarian when he grows up. Josiah left the bathroom and let Silas know that "there is a wasp on the bathroom floor that needs medical attention."

After dinner Sam got up to leave the table and said, "oh yeah! I just remembered I'm not supposed to wipe my dirty hands on the wall."

13 November 2011

titus' breakfast

we let titus make his own breakfast this morning...peanut butter turkey mayo sandwich. yum

12 November 2011

inside energy

some of the boys were being wild so mom told them to go attend "elijah boot camp" outside. luke, not wanting to go out in the cold, approached mom and said, "i've got energy that is inside."

11 November 2011

butter villain

titus said in his dramatic super-hero voice while clearing the table, "stick of butter! i don't like you, stick of butter!"

10 November 2011


josiah was heartily puking tonight. as he was finishing and trying to get all of the nasties out of his mouth, dad offered him some listerine. he tried it and said, "now i'm going to puke out fire."

08 November 2011

sooo cold outside...

6:00 AM and still dark outside. 20 degrees and still some snow on the ground. Sam walks outside, comes back in and complains, "its soo cold outside when you are in your underwear."

04 November 2011

during sam's test

sam, "dad, is the study of soil called bootany or pediology?"

elijah, "sam, it's pronounced bootanology"

dad, "it's pronounced botany"

robin, "hey, that's cheating. you're taking a test."