10 June 2010


Today when I told the kids we were having spaghetti for dinner at least 3 boys cheered, "YAY! something edible!!" : (

also, I poured myself some rhubarb lemonade that I had made and drank a sip. it looked odd but I thought that was because it was the last of it and it was starting to freeze in the fridge and it was rhubarbish. no. It was full of feta cheese. That was 10 minutes ago and I still feel like barfing.

strange days - or are they normal?

Yesterday, Titus found a dead mouse and brought it through the house to me holding it with my tongs. Silas let a toad loose in the dining room. and I found my bra in the driveway. and two boys ran around the house slapping each other with fly swatters. Yuck. hmmm. at least no snakes.

04 June 2010

Chore Time

Some one has some extra time on his hands while he is putting away the silverware....

02 June 2010


We went camping this weekend. It was beautiful and the kids had so much fun. The campsite is at a lake only 10 minutes from our house. Nobody got hurt. I made Michelle Laffans famous smores. They weren't the same without her. : ( and I didn't have her specialty mochas to go along with it. But still yummy. And we had fun.