31 July 2014

Guest book

Dad has taught the children how to speak spanish...start every word with "el" and end every word with "ah" or "oh." For example, el coucha and el tablo. Silas signed the guest book at my dad's funeral as "el silasa" :)


Dad: "Elijah, why are you eating dog food?"
Elijah: "Its better than salad."

Silas: "The great thing about sleeping outside in a tent is its cold, wet and miserable."

Sad Day

Papa passed away last Wednesday and his service was yesterday. Lots of family came to town and his service was packed. The memories were good but saying good bye was hard.

As to be expected after the service during what was about to be family picture time, Luke got stung by a bee on the face and then got punched in the face by an older brother giving him a fat bloody lip. The same older brother was then showing his bloody knuckles to Titus who "brought his face down too close and fast and hit my fist" also getting a fat bloody lip. So pictures will include one swollen eye/cheek (bee sting related) and two fat lips. It'll be a gem.