31 October 2011

Heard in the living room tonight.

"Superman! Quit pulling off Buzz Lightyear's wings!"

abbie strikes back

matt and robin were in the middle of a fast and furious training session with abbie. we were trying to get her to obey when luke says to come here (for a diaper change, or something). we would instruct luke to give abbie the instruction, then abbie would scream, "no!" we would then administer some discipline to abbie and repeat the process. after several training sessions, we tried one more time. we said, "luke tell her to come here." luke said, "abbie, come here." and abbie pointed her finger at lukey and yelled "boom."

30 October 2011


matt: "robin, i don't just love you for your money."

29 October 2011


samuel in his underwear: "dad, can i turn up the heater? it says 65 and it is really cold in here."

26 October 2011


Last night we got our first snow of the season. The grass is a white carpet and all the bushes and trees have a thick dusty coating.

I took Abbey to the window and told her, "I have something to show you."

As I pulled back the curtains, her eyes got wide and she gasped with delight. "A pumpkin!!!" She said excitedly.

We have had pumpkins out for at least two months.

18 October 2011

Art Time

Ok Gideon. Time to color.

Gideon, "Mom what should I make?"

Mom, "You could try a pumpkin."

Gideon, "I don't know how to draw squares. I am going to draw a square. I've never drawn a square. I'm going to draw a square."

A square it is then!

15 October 2011

bible story review II

robin: "where did abram's father come from?"

elijah: "meso pot o mania"

bible story review

mom: "gideon, what was the first man made?"

gideon: "noah"

mom: "very close, it was adam. what was the name of the garden?"

gideon: "the garden of the lord."

mom: "very close. titus, what is the name of the garden?"

titus: "the garden of evil"

we are such successful parents :)

13 October 2011


Matt is very aware of any new thing installed on our computer. Yesterday he came home to see a Bejeweled 3 icon on our task bar.

"What is this?!!" he questioned.

Gideon, who is 3, calmly explained, "I installed an update, dad."

dad, "hm."

12 October 2011

Bible Study

Matt and I have a Bible study at our house every Wednesday night. The boys and I hustle around getting the house clean, making snacks, coffee, and pulling it all together in time for Awana and our Bible Study guests arriving.

Tonight I had the boys folding the last load of laundry right before Bible study started. Our friends arrived and brought an apple pie and whipped cream yum! We had a wonderful evening of study, conversation, laughing, eating, and smelling Abbey who was having really stinky gas all night.

When I left to pick up the boys from Awana I went into my room to get a sweatshirt. On the floor in front of my bedroom door, RIGHT BETWEEN MY BIBLE STUDY GUESTS! was a pile of my underwear that never got put away!

Lovely and going on my list of embarrassing moments.  But my guests are very kind and thought it was funny.

11 October 2011

Ear Marbles

Today Joe said, "Mom it feels like there is a ball in my ear. When I shake my head it rolls around."

Mom, "Well did you put something in them?"

Joe, "unpopped popcorn. But the doctor took those out." (story from several years ago).

Mom, "Well let me see."

A flashlight inspection clearly showed a giant wad of earwax. I tried irrigating with no success. So I tried the big no-no which has worked so well on many other occasions. Tweezers. They worked. I was able to just grab the end of the wax blob without touching the ear. A giant blob from each. And a lecture about don't put anything in your ear smaller than your elbow for good measure.

Pictures of the ear wax blob coming to a blog near you.


Sam was playing outside and brought in his dug up treasure to show me. It was a DECOMPOSING MOLE!!! AGGHHHHH! GET THAT THING OUT OF THE HOUSE AND WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was holding the jaw, palate, teeth and two legs.

When Matt came home he was still bragging about his find.

This was one of the grosser things they've brought in.

09 October 2011

oh matt

Today I was folding clothes on my bed and I teased Matt, "Matt will you put away your laundry or is that outside of your skill set?"

His response, "if it doesn't have an electrical plug I don't know what to do with it."

08 October 2011


luke was telling josiah how to get a window down to the bottom of the computer screen: "just hit miminize"

07 October 2011


to those to whom matt hid a used diaper in your house: justice has been served. (i was collaterally damaged)

Matt woke up the other morning and found a dirty diaper under my pillow. "HAHA" he said, "you slept on a dirty diaper last night." then he straightened his pillow, and "HAHA" on him there was one under his too.

Elijah remembered what his dad did and decided to pay him back.

Awana Crazy Hair Night


05 October 2011

I think we must have missed our nap

Gideon fell asleep at the table watching Matt do his math homework.

Some kind of kids

Gideon walked in complaining, "Mom some kind of kids got all my things."

04 October 2011

Great Job Joe!

Joe chopped a bunch of apples off our neighbor's tree and we made applesauce. YUM!

03 October 2011

01 October 2011

Matt Matt Matt

Matt is a meat and potatoes kind of guy (with no emphasis on the potatoes).

The boys and I picked carrots out of the garden. When we finished I washed one and handed it to Matt and asked, "Do you want a carrot?"

He asked, "What is it?"