31 August 2008

Overheard in the Boyd house

Josiah, "Hey everybody! Elijah can put some weight on his foot. Praise the Lord!" (said after an injury was healing)

Overheard in the Boyd house


Sam said, "Titus, don't put the wrench in the peanut butter."

Josiah, "Hey everybody! Elijah can put some weight on his foot. Praise the Lord!"


Sam, "Mom, Lukey called the cops. I think they're still on the phone."
Mom, "sigh. Coming."

Mom, "Its ok Its ok, you're going to be fine. This is not a big deal. Your going to be ok."
Elijah, "Mom this is a BIG deal. There is a nail THROUGH my foot."
Mom, "Ah. Ok. (chuckles) This is a big deal, but your not going to die."

Before family camp:
Elijah, "Don't forget to pack the kids for family camp."
Josiah, "Yeah, and don't forget to bring girls for me!"
Samuel, "Girls! Mom did you hear that? Bleh!"

Elijah, "We need to have some more kids to fill up my army."
Josiah, "Yeah and we need to have some girls for me."

A Wooobbbeee

29 August 2008

Being Cool

My dad and mom took Elijah and Josiah to Discovery Kingdom for their birthdays this year. They had a great time. When they got back my dad and I were talking about Elijah and Joe and their personalities and stuff.

His comment on Joe was, "For Joe, being cool is a full time job." Notice the TWO pairs of sunglasses in the picture.

27 August 2008

I think its time we checked all the heater vents.

We were doing some regular picking up in the living room the other day, and I noticed a child had shoved some pen caps in between the slats of the heater vent. I needed to remove the heater vent to get the pen caps out. When I removed the vent, this is what I found:

A quick inventory:
28 lego pieces
19 crayons
3 pencils
3 screws
2 pens
2 erasers
2 clear beads
1 colored pencil
1 backgammon chip
1 red truck
1 dinner fork
1 salad fork
1 king of spades
1 yellow hexagon
1 yellow square
1 piece of ducktape
1 safety pin
1 quarter
1 penny
1 snickers wrapper
1 straw
1 nut
1 small spring
and a partridge in a pear tree

26 August 2008

"Its compaclated"

The van is old and we have to add oil regularly to keep it running, so we try to keep a spare quart of oil in the back. Today, the oil container fell over and oil began spilling all over the back of the van. Someone had managed to remove the cap, but hadn't been able to put it back on. Nobody was in trouble, but I wanted to narrow down who removed the lid so I could instruct them in the dangers of oil. I went through the usual suspects (who all denied it) and next was Luke.

25 August 2008

A glimpse at our afternoon.

This is us at lunch. We ate ham avocado rollups with black olives. The kids didn't like the olives. Gramas, don't feel to bad for them, they didn't have to eat olives with their next helping.

Here we are after lunch. We are doing Spanish. In the back ground you can see Titus turning on and off the light. Then he walks out the door (to the backyard) and then comes in again. Most days he does Spanish with us or he and Gideon play with blocks.

23 August 2008

A peek at our morning.

We started school August 8th. I took some videos so you could see how it works.

Before breakfast the boys are to get dressed, make their bed and brush their teeth. They are also responsible for helping their buddies if they need it. During this time I am making breakfast, nursing Gideon, making my bed and getting dressed.

We do devotions in the morning after breakfast. We sing, pray, read the Bible and talk. It is a great opportunity for them to ask all those questions kids come up with during the day. Today we talked about Uncles and Gramas. We counted 25 uncles!

Gideon goes to bed about half way through devos.

Then we do our chores. First we put away the laundry, then we all go to our separate jobs. Elijah cleans the bathrooms, Samuel does the laundry and wipes off the table, Josiah is the dishwasher, Luke clears the table and is the dish rinser, Silas picks up the living room and dries the dishes. During this time I am helping whoever needs help. Titus makes a general nuisance of himself at this point. His job is playing with toys which isn't very interesting I guess.

After chores we start school.

Now its lunchtime.

See ya later!

22 August 2008

Butter Floor

For those of you who have been ice skating and enjoyed it, I have a home skating experience you can try.

Today, a child I am not very happy with, was putting away the butter. During an altercation with the dryer/put awayer boy, the butter ended up on the kitchen floor. It being a hot day, the butter was already quite soft. The boy, enjoying his freedom, began to smear the butter onto the kitchen floor as you would spread hot butter on toast. Soon the boy I am not very happy with, was slip sliding on the buttered kitchen floor giving the floor its first grease shine.

Did I mention before all of this Peyton mopped my wood floor with about two gallons of water while Jen and I were hosing the mud off Squirt to put him in her car. We came inside to a flood.

I had planned to go berry picking today, but I think instead I will go back to bed and wake up on a new day.

Dog Brush?

17 August 2008

We've upgraded!

Behold the Awesomeness of Melamine. An entire stack of unbreakable plates.

update: Silas figured out the plate's kriptonite -- put the plate on the ground, upside-down, and jump on it.

15 August 2008

Toilet Repair #385

Sorry to post so much about boring home repairs, but its been non-stop lately.

11 August 2008

Hendy Woods Camping Trip

Everybody enjoyed Uncle Don's grapes although only Gideon ate them half-naked.

Leo and Dan proved their manhood by abalone diving.

Sam thought the abalone shells were beautiful. He brought them home and washed and dried them.

Here's a rare picture of Titus not wrecking something.

Matt's favorite camping spot.

Jumping on the Teeter Totter Log was a favorite activity. As usual, Johnny kept the kids entertained for hours.

09 August 2008

Broken Glass

The repairs continue. We bought two panes of glass to repair the laundry room and kitchen windows. One window was broken by an errant mudball and the other by a ricocheting magnetix ball. Unfortunately, these new glass panes were broken before they could see any action.

Who can guess why we included a picture of KissieButter (Titus)?

08 August 2008

More Repairs

Okay. I had no idea this event occurred until I loaded these pictures on my computer. (I was at Walmart during the infraction). I did not advise nor do I sanction using axes, machetes and sledge hammers with only underpants on. Thankfully no one was hurt and it was a very teachable experience.

Nice Door!!