29 August 2010

Batman mows the yard

The white patch on Josiah's head is from when he hid under a merry-go-round in the park and someone spun it. It scalped him.

28 August 2010

Elijah wins 2nd place in state art contest

Elijah won 1st place in regionals and 2nd place in state. His competition was all of the public schools in Wyoming. Sheesh. He won a prize of $10!

27 August 2010

I miss you all!!!

Move to Lagrange! : )

If anyone wants to have office space, teach ballet, open a preschool, or start a business, the Lagrange Heritage Square has office space available. 6$ per square foot per year. There are offices with kitchens, computer labs, and bathrooms. Plus you get to live in a town with us.

You can also buy a lot for 3,500$ and not take out any permits to build. You just build.

LHS has a workout gym that you can use for between $30-100 per YEAR.

3 big parks for 400 people.

You can walk to the store, the post office, the gas station, the church, the mechanic. The mechanic will come to your house if you can't get your car to him.

Elementary teacher to student ratio is about 1:6.

The prison is still hiring and lots of jobs are still available.

Any of these things in your state???

23 August 2010


Some neighbor girls came over to give Abbey some girl time. They dressed her, did her hair, took her picture and basically gave her a bunch of attention. In a few of these pictures she looks serious, but she was giggly most of the time.

22 August 2010

The boys get to cut the ribbon!


This is a video of the Lagrange Heritage Square grand opening and dedication. Josiah and Elijah are holding the ribbon during the ribbon cutting ceremony. The mayor cut the ribbon.

Josiah has gauze on the top of his head. We were playing freeze tag at the park and I was "it". He hid under a moving merry-go-round. He was literally scalped by the underside of the merry-go-round. I wanted to take a picture of the wound and put it on the blog but he wouldn't let me. We found the chunk of hair in the grass.

18 August 2010


Gideon, bathing suit inside out and backwards, with Titus's cowboy boots on. : )

13 August 2010

and more sayings

guess we will doing sayings till I get a camera. : )

I asked Gideon how we know Abbey is a girl. (dangerous question maybe) he said, "We put a dress on him and underwear and he's a gull."

later I asked him again and he said, "We just pretend he's a gull."

10 August 2010

unripe tomatoes

While wondering why the garden tomatoes were not ripening, Silas said,"well, they're happy, their just not laying eggs."

09 August 2010

more sayings

said during a crazy loud thunderstorm: "I bet you could have heard that one in Mississota!"


Titus: "We're going to the dentist because Sam has a lot of calories."

Luke: "Mom, my finger hurts real bad. I have a cankernail," which I think is some mixture of a hangnail and a canker sore.

05 August 2010

Water fun

Went to the reservoir today to swim and got jetski rides and tubed! Fun! Too bad I didn't have my camera.

03 August 2010

Head Injury #1356

These are all last weeks pictures that I haven't posted. Still don't have a camera. Have to check the budget and just haven't looked yet.

How can Luke be this happy with a gash in his head. I had to shave his head a bit to get the butterfly bandaid to stick. This was a crowbar to the head injury. Also Saturday morning Gideon fell out of the bath and gashed open his chin. I butterflied it, its healing well. He was willing to let me mess around with that but wouldn't let me pull a sticker out of his foot. And the sticker was sticking out quite a ways - would have been a quick easy grab if I was willing to fight for it.

Abbey's first blueberries

02 August 2010

Boy kind of fun

2 15 passenger vans, 3 adults, 11 boys, 2 bows, 8 guns, 8 arrows.

Lost a few arrows, but everything and everyone else came back safe.

Here are most of us. My friend watched Abbey and Gideon. Titus got scared after the very stern warning and safety training Mr. Zander gave and wanted nothing to do with guns or anyone around him shooting. Titus told me he wanted to sit in the (extremely hot) van and "have a chit chat." During our chit chat it came out that he was scared. So Nana came and picked him up for a special grama day with lincoln logs, peanut butter, and jelly sandwiches, and cookies.

Here we are eating lunch in our makeshift shade. I meant to bring our 30 foot tarp and somehow 6 foot tarp made it into the van. Not alot of shade.

Here they are hiking around and looking (evidently not very hard) for arrows.