22 December 2008


Dufflepud and Fezzik and Mom.

My head is cut off a little because it is difficult to take a picture with a 100lb dog and a 4lb kitten.

20 December 2008

New Member of the Boyd Family!

Matt had a momentary lapse in sanity and..... Stay tuned for more details.

10 December 2008

Christmas Decorating

The day after Thanksgiving we pulled out our tree, made hot chocolate and let the kids go at it. It is really fun. Plus all the nice ornaments have already been broken so there's nothing to protect.

08 December 2008

We've been studying simple machines

Block and Tackle: The First Try.
What were they thinking? Where was mom to stop this nonsense?

The Second Try.
Ahh, that's a much better idea.

04 December 2008

Congratulations Josiah!

Josiah finished his reading lesson book this week. 390 pages of effort. Great Job Joe!!! 100 EASY lessons is not an accurate title. Every lesson was a trial in patience and determination. Josiah, you did it!

Fun at Tracy's

03 December 2008

Well, maybe they are identical twins

A previous comment by Eagle Peak Construction got me thinking. Look at the similarities between Silas and Sam in this year's Thanksgiving picture.