31 October 2008

What happened to the last cherry tomato?

I made a salad for dinner last night and happened to know I had 2 roma tomatoes and 3 cherry tomatoes. I wanted to use them all so they didn't go bad. When I went to get them I could only find 2 cherry tomatoes. I shrugged it off and figured I was wrong about the 3 cherry tomatoes.


I went to enter my bedroom this morning and there was a red ball in the door receiver.

My missing tomato! Now, do I eat it?

27 October 2008


That is about 15,000lbs of wood in our front yard. Some of the bigger rounds were about 4ft across. Matt's back is sore. I picked those things up like they were cake. And ate them.

22 October 2008

Making Grape Jelly

First make a giant mess in the dining room picking through the grapes.

Then make a giant mess of the kitchen and counter by squashing the picked fruit.

Heat the entire house to 220 degrees Fahrenheit while boiling the juice and sugar.

Give yourself a second degree burn while straining the seeds and skins.

And you have jelly.

Lastly, secure for yourself a cute small child to sell your wares.

Maybe have him wear a shirt.

21 October 2008

5 cups of powdered sugar

5 cups of powdered sugar on the dining room floor

17 October 2008

166 years on the ice

Look at how much fun they are having!!!

I managed to get a total of 2 pictures before they turned around and skated away. I was shouting, "Come back! Come back! I'm not done!" But they were having too much fun to pose for the camera.

Uncle Don playing it safe his first time around.

Uncle John is in the red jacket and Uncle Don is in the plaid jacket. They aren't playing it safe anymore! They were zooming. Elijah made the comment that if they fell they might take out several children!

And Joe on the Zamboni. For the third time.

07 October 2008

Miss Hannigan (Annie) "Make it shine like the top of the Chrysler Building"

The walls were dirty. I should have let the kids clean them loooonnngg ago. They had so much fun. I let them do the windows afterward. Aunt Kelly said Cousin Michael would have been soooo jealous.

Joe told me, "We DON'T need your help mom. You can do something else."