14 March 2013

Field Trip

Here we are in the old Bear Creek (I think) School House at the Homesteaders Museum in Torrington.
Colyer's funeral home was actually a highlight of the trip. Liam said, "This place is totally cool and there are a lot of hiding spots." After looking at the urns, Gideon said, "I get dibs on the gold one." The 8-12 year old boys wanted to see a dead body but no such luck.

Here we are in the archives of the Torrington Telegram. The newspaper also had a dark room that really reminded me of the Haunted House in DisneyLand.

13 March 2013

Good Friends

The boys had some friends over. They all read out loud from the same Big Nate book at the same time. And yes one of them is licking his plate. I must have made something tasty.

09 March 2013


Sam got hit in the eye with a fastball in PE on Thursday - temporarily lost color in that eye but the eye doctor says he is now A-OK and incredibly lucky that he didn't fracture his bone or get double vision.

I wish the photo did it justice.

Working through the flu

We eventually moved all the sick kids to the living room and I laid down with them per request. It was a long couple of nights.

We went through countless bottles of Ibuprofin and Tylonel during our 8 days of fevers. Only Elijah and I made it through without getting it. GOOD thing he is a great helper!