11 July 2013

Elijah killed a rattlesnake.

GOOD NEWS! I had sprained my ankle a couple months back and finally got it to fit in my cowboy boots tonight. yippee!

Why did I force my still tender foot into the boot you might ask? I insisted on getting it in the cowboy boot because Elijah and I were going snake hunting. Anywho, more rattlesnakes were killed in town today and I would rather find THEM before they find ME. Obviously my go-to flipflops are not snake hunting attire, ergo my boots.

We walked out toward the walk path in perfect snake weather and found one! It was 10feet down the walk path.

Elijah goes, "I got it." He held it down with the shovel and cut off the head with his machete.

He also thought all the attention was ridiculous but agreed to give me a good cheesy smile.

My Hero


Sarah Kuhner said...

Is Elijah standing on a chair or did he really grow that tall since I have last seen him? Glad you got one of the little guys and no one got bit.

Matthew Boyd said...

Yes he is way taller than me now AND the boots I was wearing even have a heal.

Ruth Beightol said...

Great Job Elijah!! Keep up the good work!!!