25 September 2013

Matt's lunch

I have passed the responsibility of making Matt's sack lunch to one of my sons. It is his job to make a sandwich and throw in a few healthy snacks.

From time to time Matt has suggestions for his lunch.

Today he didn't make any suggestions, he just told me what was in it.

"I had an interesting lunch today."

"Oh really what was in it?"

"A carrot with stem attached and dirt still on it, 2 green limes, 1 whole orange bell pepper, 1 package of powdered hot chocolate mix, and 1 runza."

I think the boy took "healthy snacks" to a whole new level.

20 September 2013

Signs the boys are growing up

Matt has cracked ribs. Uncle Matt's brand new deck broke.

The stories:

We went to visit Uncle Matt and Aunt Kelly this summer. While there Uncle Matt and Elijah got in a wrestling match on their second story deck on which a hot bbq was cooking burgers. The women (Aunt Kelly and I) were interested in avoiding burns and saving the burgers so we shoed them down the stairs off the deck. At the bottom of the deck is the wading pool and Uncle Matt decided he had had enough getting beat by the whiphersnapper nephew and it was time to throw the boy in the pool. The whippersnapper settled on a piece of deck with which to cling to as not to get thrown in the pool. In the end the deck proved no match. All three (piece of deck, Uncle Matt, and Elijah) all ended up in the pool.

The evening was spent repairing the deck and drying out phones and cameras which had been forgotten in their pockets during the dive.

Cracked Ribs
Matt does always wrestle but when he does...

Elijah ended up crumpled on the floor complaining of neck pain. I ignored him as he plays hard, tends to be a vocal patient and nothing is ever wrong. Matt on the other hand felt terrible and hovered over Elijah apologizing and kicking himself for wrestling to hard and not knowing his limits.

Elijah soon roused himself and hobbled to bed (if I had mentioned chocolate milk in the kitchen there would have been a "miraculous" recovery). Matt too retired for the evening and began to pull down the covers only to discover he couldn't make any torso movement without pain. "My ribs" he groaned "Elijah kneed me in the ribs and they hurt really bad." I couldn't help myself. "Right here?" I asked socking him in the ribs. "AGHHH! YES! THERE! AGHHH" I had found the right spot and nailed him perfectly. Hehehe. It brought me great joy.  For several days now deep breaths, coughing, sneezing, sitting, standing, laying, pushing, pulling you name it causes him to groan, moan and cry. BAHAHAHA. I find it especially funny because he was so concerned about injuring Elijah.

15 September 2013


Titus came around the corner with a disgusted look on his face. In his hand he had a tooth brush and the container of triple antibiotic ointment.

13 September 2013

Abbey teaching the boys

Abbey, "If you eat your boogers, you have to go to the doctor and get poked in the foot."

09 September 2013

Of all the strangest things

Does anyone know why there is a pancake floating in a bowl of water in the basement?

Luke: Oh yes. I'm growing mold. Its my experiment.

perfect sense.


Matt came home Friday night to a bathtub full of tomatoes. Sometimes he just shakes his head and doesn't bother to ask.


Matt pulled a plate out of the back of the cupboard this morning and found the plate already contained fresh pancakes.


Our church had a BBQ Sunday afternoon. While we were there one of our favorite friends shared with us that one of our boys was selling tomatoes around town. We knew some of them were doing that but what we didn't know is that this one had removed the good ones and was selling only rotten ones.

Is this Robin??

06 September 2013

Who is the winner?

Tonight, Abbey, with Titus's great encouragment and confidence decided to jump off the top bunkbed ladder. Mid-jump she reconsidered and ended up scrapping her back on Josiah's toolbox which was stationed below. The result was a nasty bruise, swelling, and scrapes to her shoulder blade. It looked super painful but she was very tough about it. The scrape and bruise was bad enough for the boys to start debating which injuries of theirs had topped it. Most of them had at least one bad cut. Titus's was at a camping trip (he still says Chris K tripped him on purpose), Joe fell off a chair at my mom's house, Luke hit his eyelid on the fish tank, Gideon got hit with a frozen tupperware falling out of the freezer, and Elijah stepped on a nail. Boys like their injuries. It makes them feel tough and manly. After discussing it, they all wanted to know, whose injury was the worst; who is the winner.

They had all forgotten about the rattlesnake.

Out injured by a GIRL!